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Hi there!! Are you playing badminton? Or would like to learn badminton?  I would really like to form a club for all badminton enthusiast.. Just add me to your contacts so I can send you the details!! This will be fun!! Hope to see you all!! Thanks!!!

Always sport is Fun , but we need more details on the timing and the location pls.

Apparently game is being held in Tawam Recreation Centre which is exclusive to Tawam Employees and Dependents. We are in the process of negotiation for the new venue which will be open to all who would like to join the club. We are encouraging players to be part and member of the club.As soon as the venue is finalized we will post the details and post flyers all over Al Ain. Hope to see you.. Thank you!!

hi,I want to learn more about badminton and i want to play..Hope i could join..

i would love to join. :)

Hi there!!! Target start of the game will be by the 1st Friday of March and every Friday thereafter.. Final details will finalized by next week hopefully.. We'll keep you posted!!! Thank you!!! Hope to see you all!!!

Friends!!! Al Ain Badminton Club is organising Badminton Sessions every Friday from 8am-12nn at Al Ain English Speaking School. Session starts on March 1 2013.. Membership is open to all nationalities.. Monthly membership is 100aed while guest players 35aed per session.. You can also contact Aziz 0502312743 Mhel 0501355695.  Thank you!! See you all!!!

Hello Amio.

Can you please post an advert in the Al Ain classifieds? :)

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Hi I would love to join a badminton  team. Is there any that have their training sessions on during the week?

add me,, interested.... :)

i do love to be part of your club. hope u could tell me when and where will be the location. thanx

Good day, where can we play badminton here in al ain? Thank you

there's a weekly badminton session in Al Ain English Speaking School. 8am-12nn on fridays. it's facilitated by Al Ain Badminton Club. you can check them on facebook for more details.

hi and my friends are interested to play badminton..where do u guys there any indoor badminton court here in al ain...thanks

hi and my friends are interested to play badminton..where do u guys there any indoor badminton court here in al ain...thanks


That is interesting, I am a badminton player, not a world class or pro, but very far from amateur...

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Would like to join for that!!

I'm a badminton enthusiast and I want to play badminton but I find it hard to find a court and playmates here in al ain can someone help me? I'm eduardo anyway, and is there any payment to the club or  venue or whatever? Thank you :)

Hi  i  am  new  here . I  usually  play  badminton  near  my  house  bt  am  nt  perfect  in  playing   i  juat  want  to  know  its  basic  nd  need  more  practice bt  no one is  here  to  practice  wid me.

Hi there. Im new here in al ain and i wanna know if theres a badminton club here and where and what time you guys usually play. Thanks

Check out on facebook Jebel Smash Badminton Club

You are welcome to join us to play reasonable good quality badminton game at Al Ain English Speaking School  on every Sunday & Wednesday from 8.00 -10.00pm.

Hope to see you there.

Hello there!
you guys still playing Badminton???
I would like to join ~

I am interested in badminton, where I can play, is there any coaching for kids, I would like join my kids.

Hello sir. I am really glad that I could eventually find a badminton club in Al ain. In fact I have been looking for it ever since I came here i.e 8 months ago. I am a big fan of badminton. I play the game also. So please let know where the club is located and how one can get there. I will be grateful.

Is there any indoor court near tawam hospital (Alain)..monthly  I can there option please reply me

We play at outdoor and iam looking indoor badminton court near tawam hospital, Alain..i can pay...please reply me..thank you


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