International School in Bursa


I am moving from Barcelona to Bursa next year. I have three soons aged 3, 6 and 11. is there any international school in Bursa?

Thank you for your help...

Hello , we are a family who moved 6 months ago as well to Bursa . According to my prior coming search , there are no int'l  schools here in Bursa , however some schools give the IB ( int'l baccalaureate - well known Swiss degree worldwide) & give english language a good priority . According to my search I found TED Bursa Koleji to be the best one so far , check it out . my daughter is 5 & she's quite happy & the school is really good . Good Luck

Thank you for your answer. I will check TED school as you mentioned.


Hola Oscar, también hay Doga Koleji en región Ozluce. Déjeme saber si usted necesita ayuda.

anchormen :

Hola Oscar, también hay Doga Koleji en región Ozluce. Déjeme saber si usted necesita ayuda.

As this is an English speaking forum could you please post in ENGLISH only.
Thank you

Sorry  :)
Hi Oscar,
There is also Doga Koleji at Ozluce region.
Let me know if you need any help. I speak little bit Spanish :)


Hi everyone
I will also move to bursa but it is depending on the education over there for my kids 5 and 3 years old. They speak french I would like to put them in an english school.
Can anybody help me

ingy mosaad
was it not difficult for your daughter to settle and adapt to the school or turkish language?

Hello dear , was difficult at the beginning since all her mate's spoke only Turkish , however she had an English and an American teachers who helped alot of course not to feel completely awkward.But in 5 months only she started speaking Turkish with her mates,  I was so surprised how little kids can absorb so quickly . Their brains are still blank ,it is so much easier to learn a second language at this age trust me :)

Hi , there is couple of IB schools in Bursa . TED KOLEJI, CAKIR EGITIM are the ones I'm familiar with. Hope that helps :)

Hey, :)
I am Merwe, I am from the Netherlands Delft, and moving to Bursa too!
Are you still living in Bursa now? to which school are you going? and how old are you? :)
Text me fast back please :).


Yes I am still in Bursa. What can I do for you?

Salam, Merhaba.

I am Siti, from Indonesia. I am married Turkish and stay in Bursa.
I am University lecturer in Indonesia.

I am offering private course for individual/group and day care services for children (when parents have busy time) in our home near Osmangazi Zafer Bursa.

Our home with two floor, open garden and kitchen for children activities, and also available for individual home stay in first floor.

My teaching subjects are uniques, related with arts, culture, world history, communication, creative writing, learning Turkey phrase, basic computer skills, drawing, painting, cooking, gardening, and etc.

We can also design the learning subject for special purpose for children and teens.

I can be also available teaching in their parents home by appointment.

I can be reached by whatsapp *** and email ***


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Hi .. please do you know the fees for both schools :)

Nop my dear friend

Teşekkürler 😊

Hoş geldınız

Can you tell us what happened with your kids
Which school they attend and how much the fees??

Does anyone know the fee for theses schools

Hi all,
My daughter will be starting school in bursa after the summer holidays. We are moving from the UK. I have narrowed the schools choice to 3:
TED college
Cakir schools
Doga college

Can anyone give me any advice or info as to which of these is the best option?


all the goverment schools

do you have  idea about the fee I have grade 8,7,5 I want to move to turky bursa next year please if you have any info. Let me know
Thank you

The fees for a grades 5, 7 and 8 for the 2018-2019 academic year is  39,680 TL for each child. Plus if you have to use mini bus transportation to and from school this is extra.
Hope this helps

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Hello everyone, you may also consider
Well, I’ve family connection with school owners and I won’t claim that I’m 100% unbiased but I really believe that it is one of the best schools in Bursa with reasonable prices.
As a person who has lived overseas for many years, I can tell you that don’t worry too much about your kids, I am sure that they will be native in Turkish less than in a year. However, they need an adjusting time and you need to be in goood communication with school. You will find Turkish people very supportive, maybe more than what you need:) School emphasizes English learning but classes are tought in Turkish. Well, I doubt if any other school in Bursa claims otherwise.

Anyway, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can arrange a school tour which will give you more information about the school.
Best, Ali

Hi Dear, I read your message and when I checked out with these schools for my kids I have found that their fees are too expensive. Do you know another private schools that suitable for foreign people cheaper than those? Thanks

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