looking for my algerian father

i am looking for my algerian  father ive never seen .i dont know how to start search .unfortunately i dont know his full name just have an old pic.any suggestions?

Hello molkrs,

Unfortunately, unless you have a name to go on it's going to be virtually impossible for you to track down your father, especially given that you're in Hungary.

Do you have any way of finding out more information from your mother or her family members about your father; or about people who knew your mother at that time, anyone who might be able to shed some light on who he possibly may be???

I think that before you get yourself all primed up to start digging for more information you should start closer to home and see what you can get from family members that will possibly help you.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

thank you.my mother doesnt remember his name at all ,believe me asked million times.what i know that in the year 1982he was studying in Kiev,Ukraine.my mom is from there originally.they met there.dont know what happened but my mom got married w a hungarian .so i was born there.dont know what to do .there r times when it seems i can live with the fact that i maight never know about  him but not this time :)

Give me picture of him i will send to all tv and can find him

did you try to find informations from the university where he studied, maybe you can find records of students who were in the same class.

When was the last time you have spoken to him? or seen him? or any idea where he is at the moment?

start to give the name you have(first or last name)and ask your mother if sha remember his place of birth

start to give the name you have(first or last name)and ask your mother if sha remember his place of birth
edit the photo you have,,i ll put it on my fc wall,and share it

waw what a great offer

is it the photo of the lost father?

I am also looking for my ALGERIAN father and need help. My father Abdulrahman worked in Lagos Nigeria with a French construction company. He left Nigeria for Paris France. I only have his old picture.

nechad: I will like to email my father Picture to you. Can you give me your email address? ******************** or Look at my profile picture, this is my father old picture.

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The photo in my profile is the photo of my father, whom i am searching for. Please help me locate my father

yes the photo in my profile is my father photo


An advert in the Classifieds section >  Missing people in Algeria will help spread the word on our search.

If you think your father is either in Lagos or Paris, it would be best to drop an advert in the Classifieds section > Missing People in those two destinations.

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Hi there , you have quite a good clue which is that he was a student in Kiev in 1982 , that means that somewhere there is a record of him . The record could be in the ministry of foreign affairs or the ministry of higher education or even the ministry of defence since Algeria used to send  quite a few military personnel to study in the Soviet Union at the time .
But even let's say you can manage to have access to that data , your father will be among a list of many which will require more efforts to break down which one he is among these people , and even if you get a good lead , some further check like a DNA test will be required to be 100% sure of his paternel link to you .
Good look with your investigation .

hullo bro the good option to send pic of your dad to any algerian TV nd they ll start looking.God willing it ll be a good start .

whats his last name

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I too am looking for a person his name is Mourad Gueridi the last place I knew his was living was Baraki Algiers. Help please

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