Hi there ! Just another Brit looking for a better life! Wd be channel hopping for work (nurse) and essentially am Seeking friendships to ease the transition ... I will be alone, love animals (maybe volunteer in rescue centre) learning French and the great outdoors.  I have read and read about France, have visited in the winter alone and I must say it put me off for a while as I became very lonely.  However I'm back and have a better idea for my aims and goals. A sense of purpose and commune with others are paramount. I realise it will be uncomfortable at times but at the end of the day it will be part of the journey and I will retain a property here in the uk. Any feedback wd be most welcome - ! Merci and 'mercy' ;)

Hi Aussiegal56.. nice to see your post in Rennes forum, been receiving notifications from other cities in Bretagne and checking if it's from Rennes, but never. I'm married to a Bretagne man from Rennes, we have a house there and regularly come to take care of it, we are now living in Athens,GR as he is working here. Are you living already in Rennes? if so, maybe we could have a drink/coffee someday when we come?
Cheers !


Hi. I'm not too far from you, near Loudeac. Are you still in Rennes ?

Hi. We have been here 6 years now and love it......most of the time haha.  I run my own bussiness here near Guingamp. So about 75 mins from you.
If i can be any help let me know.

I've been living in Pordic since June and very nice it is (still looking for work though!)

I just noticed your post on this site. Have you found what you were looking for in Rennes?
Did you find a way to help animals in a rescue center? That is my goal also, please let me know if you did as I would like to help you as well.
I am a French woman (in my 40'S) single, no children, who has lived and worked in the US for many years and I am now back in France/Rennes and I am BORED to death as I have no friends anymore (as they got all married=might as well be dead!)...being single in your 40'S  is so hard in Brittany as there are lots of kids everywhere in social events/places to meet...difficult to find an interesting mature man who is single in the area...:(
I would like to hear from your experience...
I have lived in Australia, UK, US, Canada...and I feel like a failure now coming back home to my country since I am unemployed and left alone here:(
every day I wonder why I left Hawaii/tropical weather to be back to Misery Land....but I have to remind myself that it is because of Social Security Coverage and that I am not getting any younger...even though I still have the energy to jump on a plane and escape!! I hope to hear back from you soon:)

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