Are these Food Products Available in Cairo?

Hello, also sorry for the hijack but will be in Egypt soon God willing and I would like to know if you can find plantain in Egypt and not just Cairo?  Also if there is do you know the name in Arabic?  Thank you in advance.

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Hi, baking soda is called bicarbonato here and is readily available anywhere that sells spices, the shop is usually called an attaar.

In 6th of O it will be available in the loose spice sections at Spinneys, HyperOne and Carrefour.

If you have a security guy who runs errands just ask him for an eighth or quarter kilo of bicarbonato, he should know where to find it.

I find baking soda easily - just go to a pharmacy and ask for bicarbonate of soda. There is also a German pork butcher in Maadi - on Road 203? - near the Saoudi supermarket.

there are many oultets for these products mainly in supermarkets

Tons of baking soda there. At the spice stores sold by the kilo. Called bicarbonate soda( bicarbonata) also in smaller packaging at the pharmacies. Good luck

All available here! If not Alpha Market then in Sheikh Zayed. I bought all of these and more!

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