Hi guys,

I need some help applying for permanency. These are the documents needed based on stable union:

fill out form on pf website
2 colour photos
copy of every page in passport, authenticated in cartorio
criminal record, authenticated and tranlasted
stable union certificate
copy of girlfriends id card, authenticated
statement that im single in england, authenticated
declaration that i was not prosecuted in brazil, or abroad, notarized
proof of livlihood of girlfriend, and that she can support me.

I dont understand this:

Declaração de compromisso de manutenção, subsistência e saída do território nacional, em favor do chamado, enquanto este permanecer no Brasil, com firma reconhecida em cartório ou repartição consular de carreira;

Also, I have a police certificate from england, translated and notarized - do i need another one for brazil.

Do I have to write these statements, or type them, what do i even say on them.



Hello everyone!))
I would like to ask few questions about getting RNE based on Brazilian child. For now we are searching all possible information to be prepared. Expected date to be in Brazil by June 2018.
Me and my husband are citizens of two defferent countries. To be exact his country almost does not exist  since it is Yemen,(he has Russian permanency if it helpful by any chance), he actually has nothing to do with Yemen because he lived there until he was 1 year old...but this is a curse to have this passport following you everywhere(
I am from Russia and this is also not a paradise)) so we reeally want to get our child an oportunity to choose thats why we decide to go to live for a while in Brazil.
The question is about DOCS- we  checked and found out that all foreign docs need to be legalized by Brazilian consulate or have Apostile, Yemen did not sign a convention of 1965 about Apostile so it is mean that his papers need to be attested in Brazilian consulate..... which does not exist in Brazil ((( and only in Cuba , and Yemen does not exist as country as well and he was only born there and never lived in so it is mean he can not go to Yemen as well to authentificate any of documents((
So the biggest question for both of us is which kind of docs from abroad we need to have and is there is any option for him to legalized his papers?
And if for some reason he will not be able to get his birth certificate attested - does it mean that he would not be granted with permanent visa even if he has a child(

Thank you so much in advance)))
Sorry for to many words)

My advice, seek a good immigration lawyer.

by base on child you can get a permanent visa but is better to first meet with a consultant  of immigration lawyer regarding you're document.

nickward84 --

The "Declaração de compromisso de manutenção" is called "Term of Responsibility" in English.  It's a form signed by your Brazilian partner before a Brazilian official, promising that s/he will take financial responsibility for you in Brazil, as well as responsibility for getting your required documents, or sending you back where you came from.  You can find the form on the website of the Brazilian Embassy in Pretoria, by following the link for "Term of Responsibility" under "Permanent Residence -- Family Reunion (VIPER)", on the "Visas" page.
The same form apparently is used worldwide -- my husband had to submit it in the USA.  We did not have to submit proof of income of any kind, nor was there any follow-up audit.  It's just an open-ended, and presumably legally binding, promise of support.

Im trying to find out if this is still the current list required based on marriage? Has anything changed?  Thanks.

I've been trying to find the same information. Have you managed to apply with the documents from that list?


You may get the actual list from FP.

Based on my knowledge,

For  you to get permanency in brasil when you have a child, all you need is your passport and brasil visa  and your marriage certificate which I want to believe that your marriage was solemnized in Russia.

When you have your baby, get all documents ready along with the baby's birth certificate and visit Policia federal who will guide you on what are the required form to be filled. If you need any help,

I can give you someone's contact who can help you with all needed documents. But as for legalization of Yemeni's documents, I don't think there is a need for it.

Only your marriage certificate is to be AUTHENTICATED.

Has anyone applied for the permanent residency through marriage since the new immigration law and been successful?
I'm assuming the documents needed are the same as before.
I am moving back to Brazil in 5 weeks and will be applying when I get there (I've been married almost 2 years).
Does anyone know what kind of criminal record check I need from the U.K.? I've emailed the Brazilian embassy in London for an updated list of docs. I'll post here if they get back to me before I leave!


The PF have been having people sign a declaration instead of a Criminal Records check. I don't know if that has changed.


Hi Guys / James,

Need a bit of help from you.   I have been going to Brazil on and of for a number of years and always been told that my first day of entry was the day from when they started counted my 2x90 days stay.   i entered Brazil 8th November last year (2017) and miscalculated a bit so i was fined for 1day when i left 7th February this year.  When asking i was told there is new laws which increase the fines to 100 RS per overstayed day with not limit... all this is apparently correct but i was also told that these nw laws mean that my new year will start 21 May ( something about the date the new law were introduced ?  I has planned to come back 19 March so apparently i will have to pay a hefty fine as my old entry date was beginning of february .... doyou guys knowif this can be correct ??

Also am trying to ge the GRU so i can get a friend in Rio to pay the 100RS as i will arrive at night the 19 th ... but can not find the place to retreive it ....... any links please

alll help much appreciated



I was told in other forums the PF will re open applications around the end of February.

Hey guys,

Here is a list I got in person 4 days ago from Polícia Federal in my jurisdiction:

Pedido de permanência com base em casamento
- Requerimento próprio, disponível em
- Uma (01) foto tamanho 3x4, recente, colorida, com fundo branco.
- Passaporte ou cópia autenticada, nítida e completa do passaporte ou do documento de viagem
- Certidão de casamento original ou cópia autenticada;
- Cédula de identidade brasileira original do cônjuge ou cópia autenticada;
- Declaração de que não se encontram separados de fato ou de direito, assinada pelo casal, com
firmas reconhecidas;
- Declaração de que não foi processado ou condenado criminalmente no Brasil e nem no exterior,
quando não for casado há pelo menos 5 anos;
- Pagamento das seguintes taxas ( :
CÓDIGO: 140066 - Pedido de Permanência: R$ 168,13
CÓDIGO: 140082 - Registro de Estrangeiros/Restabelecimento de Registro: R$ 106,45
CÓDIGO: 140120 - Carteira de Estrangeiro Primeira via: R$ 204,77
- A autenticação poderá ser feita, mediante cotejo da cópia com o original, pelo próprio servidor público (Art. 10,
§1º, do Decreto 6.932/2009).
- Fica dispensado o reconhecimento de firma, quando o documento for assinado perante o servidor público a quem
deva ser apresentado. (Art. 9º do Decreto 6.932/2009)
- Os documentos emitidos no exterior deverão estar legalizados por repartição consular brasileira e traduzidos por
tradutor juramentado no Brasil. Documentos emitidos pelos países membros do Mercosul (Argentina, Paraguai e
Uruguai) dispensam a tradução.
ISENÇÃO DE TAXAS: Os cidadãos dos países-membros da CPLP (Angola, Brasil, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau,
Guiné Equatorial, Moçambique, Portugal, São Tomé e Príncipe e Timor-Leste), estão isentos do pagamento de
taxas e emolumentos devidos na emissão e renovação de autorizações de residência, com exceção dos custos de
emissão de documentos. Isso significa que não há necessidade do pagamento de taxa de pedidos de prorrogação
de prazo de vistos temporários, taxa de permanência ou registro de estrangeiro, sendo devido somente o
pagamento de taxa de emissão de carteira de estrangeiro, quando aplicável (Decreto Nº 6.771, de 16 de fevereiro
de 2009).

They said until further notice the list of documents remains the same.

Just applied for permanent VISA at federal Police today. Here what I needed full copy of entire passport every page even if blank. Police report from my local police in my city and translated. Copy and  marriage certificate with two photos got them done here locally in Brazil. Copy visitor visa and white slip you fill out when arriving. My wife her document also a electric bill and any work income. We got married on a Friday when to Federal Police on Monday. Paid total of 372. Got two slips went to local grocery store to pay got recipes. When back they stamped my passport and gave me termporary Visa for 180 day waiting now for permanent Visa. They said 30 to 60 days for permanent VISA. We just did a walk-in no appointment no waiting serviced very fast. They would call us if needed anything else but said all looks good. I read their are other fees so will see if the call us to pay more. He said there is new law about Permanent visa right now told me my permanent visa would be good for 9 years then would have to renew. I let you know if any thing else is needed or changes

Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience.
You applied in São Paulo?

I applied In Imperatriz small town for Permanent visa. At the Federal Police

Thanks for that, It says a declaration that you have not been in trouble with the police. Ive herd that its not necessary to have a Criminal check from your country. Only that you sign a statement at the cartorio saying you have not had any problems with the police. ??


When I did mine in 2013 I had a police record check. PF handed it back to me and they gave me the declaration form I filled it out and signed it. Gave it back to him


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