looking for a divorce lawyer in rabat area

I  am a brittish women who married in marocco when I was young and foolish and after a lot of heart ache, stress a broken nose and being left in a lot of debt by this man I want to get divorced.
I urgently need to find a lawyer in Rabat to help me get divorced who won't charge me a fortune. Ive tried the brittish court but this will take six months miniumm and then i would still need to appoint a lawyer to divorce me by proxy in Morocco afterwards so it seems more simple to do the whole process in morocco. i would realy apriciate if anyone  knows of any lawyers in Rabat or Kenitra area. Ive tried the ones listed on the brittish embassey website but they dont pick up the phone.

very sad

well are you both wanting to divorce ?...i did divorce with foreigner in morocco i know how it goes but i guess it could be only easier when it comes from both(you and him)

Ginger, sorry to hear of your problems 

see below list... I also have a great lawyer here in Casa or maybe a thug (joking) … ance2.html

Really sorry.. typical stories about Moroccan guys manipulating european and american women for residency documents. My advice to you is be aware of the lawyers as well, they might be as worst as you ex, they suck blood anywhere, and especially here in Morocco.

Divorce in Morocco can anybody help

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Since this topic has been inactive from 2010, i suggest you browse through the business directory under the Lawyers in Morocco and get in touch with professionals or create a new thread on the Morocco forum so that members may help you.

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