I am going to marry a Moroccan girl next year and one of the problems is finding any information on what an acceptable dowry would be.  I have asked my fiance what would be an acceptable dowry and she said that she does not know and when I asked if she knew of the dowry from any of her friends, she said she did not.

I am just trying to get an idea of what would be acceptable, either as money or gifts that would be an acceptable amount.  I have worked in Saudi Arabia where the dowries are a ridiculous amount of money and men have to work like 10 or 15 years to be able to save the amount necessary but in Morocco, the groom is supposed to "magically" know what to give.

Any help would be appreciated.

lol  1000 euro it's enough  :D

She can ask her own family(parents) what would be acceptable. It is something you need to show to (adoul) the guy who officialize the marriage, in other words it's a formality. I had friends who gave the money in front of the official and his wife gave it back to him afterwords. after all what's yours is hers and what's hers is yours.

That would be the same as asking what an acceptable wedding present would be in a western country.  If you both come from lower class familys an acceptable present may be 2 dozen roses or a simple necklace.  However, if you both come from well off familys an Audi or yacht plus a hundred thousand dollars would be more appropriate.  It's relative.
In Morocco even lower class Dowries can range from 20,000 to 50,000dh with 10,000 being an insult in most cases unless it is otherwise agreed between both parties that a dowry won't be given and it was just a small gift.  In any case, it's a sensitive issue that could cause your wife great embarrassment if it's less than expected.
I would suggest asking the father or other family members outright.  If they don't want to tell you, I would suggest asking your fiancee what her mother received and add 20 to 40 percent to that or what her siblings received and add 10  to 20 percent depending on how long ago they were married.
I'm certainly no expert and I've never been married but this is my understanding and opinion of the Dowry from what I have learned in my 2 years in Morocco.
Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and good luck!!

Islamicly , its what the woman wants. it should be with in limits of the man. this usually is not the case these days. Unfortunately , but everyone is different. I know sisters who asked for sewing machine.. If i have the pleasure... mine would be books. I would go back to her and ask her what she wants. Maybe asking the family , but that can be tricky .. depending on the family. The dowry is for the woman and her choice. oh , and here is a difference between a gift and dowry.  so some say enough money incase something happens in the marriage she can handle being single  for a while. and then you can give gift of like rings and stuff.  So just depends. even us girls dont know what would be suitable. one sister i know got a car and a flat. ........................................ it has to be in the limits of the man she is marring though... ok i am repeating my self. i need to go to bed. sorry

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