Moving to Amsterdam End of August!

Hi! My name is Chelsea, I am from Canada and I am moving to Amsterdam at the End of August, Planning to Travel more of Europe with my Best Friend. We will be needing to find Work eventually and needing to find a Place of course.
If anyone is able to help us out in finding a Job, Please contact me  :)
Looking to meet more fun outgoing people that also Live in Amsterdam or In Europe in General!!!!
:heart:  :)

Chelsea ,
will be pleasure to meet you ....feel free to keep in contact ..


Hi ChelseaLeah,

Welcome on board :)

I suggest you browse through the Jobs in Amsterdam section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

Wish you the best of luck with everything !

Thank you


Hey Chelsea,

Just curious, are you still active and using this site?

Also, did you end up moving to Amsterdam permanently or was it just a temporary short term stay?

Hi Giggs - the OP hasn't logged on to the Forum for over 2 years, so I suspect is no longer active.

Doh! lol Thanks for that, didn't even pay attention to the dates...

hi send me a private message

Sameer1166 :

hi send me a private message

Why should anyone do that? Have you read the topic?

Romaniac Experts Team

Hello everyone,

I am closing this thread since it is not up-to-date.

All the best,

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