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I am studying in Singapore and now I got a job, but my employment status is pending.My qualification are all related to my job. But since I studies professional qualification, I got three year student pass but my course only took 1 and a half year. After that, I got a job and my company applied Spass for me. But it's pendind for one week now. I'm considering if it is because of my student pass got one and a half year to expire. Is there any problem.

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Hi Avrilleithu,

Once you graduate and cease being a student, your student pass will be cancelled by the school. You can get an S-Pass or EP only after that, since nobody can hold two passes to the same time. Has your student pass been cancelled?
Applications for S-Pass or EP can take a month or more, so please be patient for some time longer!

Now how's the result after waiting over a week? I am also experiencing the same issue here. Thanks!

I have a question. I had a previous employer whom I went to for observation period for 1 week. However, this company is forcing me to work without my Spass. Which made me decide not to continue since I know the consequence I would face if i follow them so I refused to, the boss got mad and told me she will cancel my pass. I also told the HR its okay to cancel my pass but until now they havent. I tried looking for another job, fortunately, I found one. Just this afternoon I checked on my application status and its still pending, I asked the previous employer if they have cancelled it and says they will once they receive the card. My new employer will be applying for my pass this week and Ive read some forums which says the other Employer cannot apply for my pass if my application status is still pending. Is it possible to withdraw the application? I really don't know what to do with this. Hope someone can answer me. Thanks in advance!

It is correct that your new employer cannot apply for a work pass if the old application is still pending. (Only one active application at any time!)
The old employer must cancel their application as soon as you have declared that you don't want to work for them any more. (Note: Legally this is a termination of employment contract and you should check your contract for how to do it and which notice periods and maybe penalties apply!)
If you have already done that (and can prove it), you should contact MoM and ask them to cancel the application from their side.

I actually haven't started work with them since I havent got my pass. The observation period was for them to see if i fit in the job or not. Once I pass the observation period, they will apply Spass for me, however they tried to force me to work without holding any pass, so I decided not to work with them. I told the HR to cancel my pass and according to her: they need to wait for the Spass application to be approved before they can cancel since they have already submitted the application to MOM. Today, i checked its pending, they still havent cancelled it. Is it true that they can withdraw the pending application? Thanks

Yes, they can (and must once you terminate the contract you have with them) cancel the work pass application at any time.

Thank you so much for your response, If they do not withdraw my pass what can I do?

Can I call MOM to tell them about it? Would it affect the application of my new employer? Thanks

Please read my posts above:
"If you have already done that (and can prove it), you should contact MoM and ask them to cancel the application from their side."
The new employer will not be able to apply for a work pass before the old application is cancelled.

Okay. Thank you so much Beppi! 👍🏼

If your new employer will apply pass for you then send a mail to the previous employer to cancel the application and keep that proof and send to MoM(in case previous employer didn't confirm back to you about the withdrawn of your application). Then the pending case at your previous employer won't be valid anymore. MoM will automatically cancel and notify the previous employer that the employee seeking pass through another employer, in that event the previous employer would ask to withdraw their application or MoM will cancel based on the email proof and your mail to MoM.

Good luck

Okay thank you! 😊

Hi. Just want to ask about my previous employer. They applied me an SPASS and approved and also gave me an IPA but after a week they withdrawn it. They said that the reason is that I was replaced by a local and refused to pay the salary in full amount. Right now I was hired by a new employer and it is now pending. May I know if the newly applied pass will be rejected because of my previous employer or they will approve it? Thanks.

Shouldn’t have any impact unless your ex employer written something adverse about you (at the time of cancelling your pass) which we don’t think they should have blamed you (if the actual reason is what you are saying here). By right you are entitled to receive compensation (full amount) from your ex employer. Good luck

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