Nice areas for expats to live in Delhi


I just arrived to Delhi for work. Currently in a hotel and wondering where are the best areas for expats to live. I've heard about the Defense Colony, is that a good area? I work near Connaught Place, so something close by, safe and easily accessible is what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions?


Hi - no doubts about Defence Colony being a good locality for expats.

But for the distance from Connaught Place, you should consider staying in Western parts of Delhi, mainly because they are well linked on the metro and are 10 minutes from Connaught Place.. . Especially areas like Patel Nagar, Rajender Nagar, etc.


Hi Myzrahi,

i suggest you South Delhi ...its not very far away from  connaught place. try to look up Defence colony(though its expensive) or Lagpat Nagar or Jangpura .


Vasant Vihar is an excellent neighborhood. I lived there for three years. It's not really so far to Connaught, although it can take a while at rush hour if you're driving.

Hi Myzrahi and a late welcome to, sorry!
I suppose by now you are settled in Delhi! if not, you could explore our New Dehli Classifieds -> Accomodation section where you can also include an ad for free!
What type of job are you doing?
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Hey Thanks for your message.

I am currently staying in South Delhi, in the Panchsheel Enclave. The apartment is good size, but there seems to be some issues with the roof and water, so I'm considering my options at the time.

My stay in Delhi is only temporary. I will be here until mid-November, so thanks for the tip of the classifieds.


I'm moving to Delhi probably late November or December this year for work. will be living in Delhi for quite a relatively long time, maybe 3 years..Having read quite a number of forums regarding living in Delhi or India in general, I must admit that I am more apprehensive than excited. Having come from a third world country myself, my standards on many things are not in any way "Western". But looks like India is going to be a lot more challenging than where I'm from, luxury and convenience-wise. But hey, it's too soon for me to dismiss my chances of a wonderful stay in Delhi. Surely, there are many good things I look forward to. I'm just glad that I can get some valuable pieces of first-hand information from forums such as this. Helps me with my preparations for the big move!

Bring an open mind. Look into New Friends Colony.


yes defence colony is the good area to live


You can even try Noida. It takes only 25 mins to reach Canaught Place.there is a direct metro connectivity. more cheaper ,greaner and open area..

Can anyone provide a bit more info about defence colony and why it's recommended?

hey patel nagar is a good option its cheaper and near connought place in case ur looking for a place get in touch with mr.vijay hes a friend of mine and will help you out.

arush mahajan

hey his number is 9810920101

Nizamudin :) I have just moved there and its beautiful, peacefull and safe + close by x

MichaelCarroll :

Can anyone provide a bit more info about defence colony and why it's recommended?

Defence Colony is a nice place to live because it is fairly centrally located, has an up-scale market with nice restaurants and bakeries and grocery stores that carry imported goods. It is on the expensive side however. Another option that would still be nice and also not too far from CP would be Nizamuddin. Many expats like it there because it's peaceful (as long as you are not too near the train station)

I will suggest you Gk 2 and s block or w block.



I feel Saket in South Delhi is the best place to be in because this place is a combination of everything i.e. poshest malls of Delhi yet a lot of Greenery. For travel purpose it is well connected with all types of Transport.Different types (from economic point of view) of grocery/restaurants etc do exist here. A lot of historical places are nearby for example Garden of Five Senses etc, besides all the upmarket stuff.

I would strongly recommend Jangpura. :)


Some of the nice places, which are well connected and easier for expat's to adapt are defense colony and GK-I.

Both the places have nice market, clubs, resto bars available within a walking distance, and safer too. I've stayed in Defence and currently staying in GK-I. both the places are good to stay.

Let me know if u need more details.


MichaelCarroll :

Can anyone provide a bit more info about defence colony and why it's recommended?


Well, I would suggest you to stay at Defence Colony. I am from Chandigarh, its safe and well planned city as compared to Delhi. I was in different city before moving to Delhi.And I actually looked at various parts of Delhi as an option to stay but they all have some or the other problems (being a female in Delhi adds up more pressure), my friend suggested me Defence Colony, although rent is high in comparison to other locations in South Delhi, but its safe, clean and hassle free place.
Market is really nice and well connected to all the blocks, people are sensible and the best part is well maintained infrastructure.
If you want to know more or have any queries, feel free to contact me at- +91-8800236966.

Defence Colony is good. Though little expensive than other areas.

somewhere in south delhi...i prefer...

Hello Everyone!

Same kind of question...
I should move to Delhi in January 2013 and my office is based in Gurgaon.

What would be the best place to stay with a few-month old baby?
I would prefer a calm and green area, but not so far from my office and other shopping facilities...


Thanks for your help!!

Hello dear,

South Delhi & CP is the best place for visit.



I'm moving to Delhi for an internship in February and was wondering about an area to live, safe one (I'm a 25 year old woman) and not too expensive (10k-12K/month), any clue ?

Thanks !

Noida & Greater Noida. The best in urban living in India.

Hi ,I am moving to new delhi andmy office is going to be in Gurgaon.Which area is the best for a single women to live for safey and good for the health services .

Awaiting for your advices ,thank you .


hii lily

its a personal question, but can you tell how you managed to got hired in Gurgaon, India ? how did you find your recruiter and successfully got a job offer to work here? please share your experience if you like.

Lajpat Nagar is also a very good area.


Hi ashu007

It was not my choise to come to india .My company is transfering me there to work for a few years .
Other wise I do not think it is easy to get job from US to india.

Lily43 :

Hi ashu007

It was not my choise to come to india .My company is transfering me there to work for a few years .
Other wise I do not think it is easy to get job from US to india.

Welcome to Gorgoan Lily43 ,

now you are here, if you need company do let me know :)

habitez dans sud de delhi.greater kailash ou defence colny.c'est un liux sur safe

Hello ranadelhi -> In english please on this Anglophone forum. ;)

Thank you,


Dwarka is a nice and safe place to stay for people working in Gurgaon.  It is also well connected to other parts of Delhi by Metro.  However, a personal vehicle is a must.

Hi Lily!

Not sure if you found a  place yet but im looking for a fellow female professional to share a 3 b/r apartment with me in Nirvana Country in Gurgaon. It's furnished already.

Interested, please pm me. Or if u have any spare rooms that are available for rent, pls let me know. Im still looking for a place to stay.

v r cpl 40-35 from india shimla and intrested to make new frens from all over world

Hi Mariaciel > you should please post your advert in the housing in New Delhi section.

[just to inform you that this is an old thread. You are welcome to start a new topic on the forum]

Thank you.

Hi dear I am also working at cannaught place at hotel imperial...yeah U can go all cp then Delhi heart near aiims hospital...sarojini nagar market.kamla nagar market.south extention.vasant vihar emporio mall ..many places .u can ask me again

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