Newest Adventures In New Delhi, India

If you haven't kept up with my blog, I'll tell you in summary what's happened these past few weeks.

I spent a lot of time visiting doctors, as my stomach started hurting so much! I've been in India and I knew I could rule out "Delhi Belly". As it turns out, I had a gallstone. :(
I had to have an emergency surgery, and spent a few days in a hospital because of it. It took a few weeks following, but finally I am pain free and completely healed. Though I'm still a bit restricted on lifting weight.

I can also cook roti nicely now. Search for my instagram if you have time - you can see videos.

As for learning Hindi, I've decided to study Hindi academically. Though I'm still researching schools and working out the details.
I had an uncomfortable experience, investigating the University of Delhi. Upon talking to the person in charge of foreign students, she yelled at my friends to leave her office and the only information she gave me was to visit their website - which is how I found out about the university in the first place. She treated my friends really poorly, and yelled at me not to give them money. I guess she thought they were brokers. I tried to explain that they were just my friends, but she talked over me rudely and completely ignored me. It was quite disrespectful.

Does anyone have any information on studying Hindi in Delhi, or Hindi lessons in Delhi?

If I find out first, I'll make an update.

Also, I have a comic for My Hindi Heart made every Friday, courtesy of Bree of Obreeously Comics.
The latest one is about my first visit to Chaayos, a tea house here in Delhi.

Check it out here


That's amazing! Two weeks ago I also had my gallbladder cut out in India!

I am sure I had gallstones before, but they manifested for the first time in april 2013, when I visited India for the "first" time (I visited it before 10 years ago).

Since then they've been giving me problems. Finally I ended up in emergency room too, and decided to do the surgery.

It must be fat and spices in Indian food.

I was very happy with Fortis Hospital in Noida and the surgeon Kapil Kochhar. My insurance paid everything.

I am a MMA fighter, so I was back up in 2 hrs after surgery, and on the 3d day I was jogging to facilitate the recovery.

It's been 2 weeks and although I still have some digestion issues, I have resumed my daily martial arts training.
It was a laparoscopy, and they gave me no restrictions for lifting weights, and in fact, I was lifting 20-liters water bottle still when I had the stitches (I know how to use my leg muscles, and not my abs, when lifting heavy things, so I was not afraid for my abs all that much).

They did give me restrictions for rigorous abdominal exercises, but I feel like my abs are fine by now, but just in case, I am waiting out another week until doing abs

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A suggestion on Hindi... I tried the KHS however also popped over to Landour, just outside of Mussoorie for 6 weeks and it made all the difference!

Worried that it might just have been my experience in 1995, was delighted when more recently an Aussie friend shared it is still terrific. Just the right blend of teaching, practice, study time and a supportive environment to simply absorb.

It is also a great place to escape when Delhi gets that crazy scorching hot. ;-)

You can find them here:

Hey there! Hope you had a speedy recovery from gallstones!

So... have you checked out Kendriya Hindi Sansthan (KHS) Delhi? It may also go by Central Institute of Hindi. It used to be located not far from IIT and had a Hindi language program for foreigners. This would be where a lot of academics would study to gain sufficient proficiency to then enter university level courses in Hindi literature, etc. I studied there for two terms and found it quite academic but not a complete waste of time. Obviously not convenient to Dwarka but...

Best is if you get away for a couple months to the Landour Language School. These folks may have started to help teach missionaries Hindi to convert, but they are practical and effective. Plus there is the bonus of being able to immerse in a Hindi environment rather than Hinglish and Punjabi. :-)

Good luck!

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