English girl living in Antalya would like to meet other english people

My name is Rebecca, I am 25 years old and i have been living in Antalya for the last 10 months. I am due to be married in May this year which is very exciting and i have a great family here but I have found it hard being at home whilst my fiance is working so would love to meet other english people.

Hi Rebecca,

Welcome on board :)


looking for more friends in Antalya.
Im British born Turk,

Do u have whatsapp????

Please read bellow and let me know if you would be interested?

I am 23 and currently living in Milton Keynes just outside London. I have recently been to Lara, Antalya and fallen in love with the are and the people. I have recently been through a personal tragedy and now have a fresh outlook on life. I am seriously considering a move to the Lara are but am well aware that a holiday is very different to living in the area. Therefore I have decided to look for a British Family, Couple or Female who would welcome me into there home in the Lara Antalya area for a few weeks. I would like to learn all about there integration into Turkish life and gain any advice from them. I would be willing to pay my keep and help out with all household duties including cooking, cleaning, shopping and childcare if needed ( I worked in a nursery looking after children age 3months to 5 years for 2 years).
If there is anyone who feels they could help me or know any more about me please do not hesitate to contact me either by email cherylandreahill[at] or telephone 07753466141.

Hey not sure if you know of it but there is St Pauls Cultural Centre in the heart of Antalya which has regular meets and events of heaps of English speaking people. Obviously organised through a "christian" type centre, but either way its a good place to go if you need people around and to be sociable and all that.

Hi Rebecca

Im british born turk looking for friends.

I like shopping,cinema,sports,nighlife,etc.

Maybe we can meet????

Hi I am an American and will be arriving in Antalya this weekend.  My husband will be coming soon behind me.  I will be working there as well.  I would love to meet up with some English speaking friends.

I am English and moving to antalya next week. Would love to meet up.


I have been here almost a month now
  Havent t up with anyone yet

Hi lisa,
From ur post I can see that u are moving to Antalya soon. (Moderated: no free ad on the forum pls+ register in the business directory)
Also if  u dont mind we could be friends.


If you have what's app , great to meet ,I am British looking for friends for social reasons !!!

Hi get in touch with me, Lisa what's ur number?

I'm looking for a native speaker friend&teacher for my 8 years old son . We lived 4 years in Pakistan and he learned Engish there . He knows how to read and write . I don't want him to forget it. Is there anyone interested?

Hi guys i would love to meet new people i recently arrived in Antalya and i'm new to everything it would be a pleasure to meet English speaking guys.

Hi India I am American if you don't mind that we up.

Hi, am new in antalya and i would love to meet english speaking ppl so please hit me up.

yes i have it, you can find me on ***

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hii, i'm in Antalya! can i have your watsapp?

Do you wish to meet only with someone only in Turkey?

Hi Rebekka, I m end of April in Antalya and will be happy to meet to you. I was in England for a few months and will be happy to meet friends in Antalya. You can write to me on ***

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Hey everyone

I'm an English teacher and translator, staying in Antalya for a while. I don't know many people here and I suffer not finding any English speaker around.

I would be very happy to meet

My name is Rasheeda, 21. I would love to be your friend, but unfortunately, I live in Konya, Turkey, instead.
I'm an African, I'm from Ghana.
Please contact me here: ***
Let's get to know each other well. Nice to meet you.
I'll be waiting for your reply.

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HI    . Soon i'll be there

Hi, Rebecca and others WHO live in Antalya or looking information or help about Antalya, My name is Kadir. We have a big construction company in Antalya. You can always come to our Office just to have a drink or whatever you need I am avaliable.

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