Looking to meet people in Antalya !

Hello everyone !.
I'm 23 and Iam new in Antalya !! I really love the city but I think It's needed to meet people so you can go out and enjoy together!
Iam open to make friendships with people of any Nationality ...
Iam speaking greek , English and Iam beginner of Turkish .
If you wanna meet up and drink a coffee together just text me :)

Hi, I have store in tourism shopping  mall, send me you CV pls, thanks see you

I sent you a private message here !
Thanks :)

hi love i am farzad soltani floyd the us pilot do you like to make friends and meet love floyd

farzad soltani get a real job !

Hello bruskan,

Everything concerning job hunting or job recruiting, announce should be drop in the Jobs in Antalya section.

Thank you,

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Hi how are you nice meeting you :)

hey there i guess we have the same thing

this is Tunay.
I'm since 2 weeks in Antalya and it would be great to know some people/friends here in Antalya.
Coffe sounds great and at the moment even a ice coffee will work.

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