Foreign husband/wive of Malaysia citizen allow to work in Malaysia

Hello, I just want to ask something I am a Filipina. My fiancée is a Malaysian citizen. And we’re planning to register this coming January,I am a preschool teacher in Philippines for 7 years now. Is there any chances for me to get a job in Malaysia? Thank you!

Yes. Check out Also in other parts of the KL area there  are jobs.

Thank you very much Gravitas!

Hi, I have same situation like you,it's not a problem to find job in malaysia because we have experience. The problem is visa here, I found strange statements, because if we're register with malaysian we can't work legally, if we work legally, we can't register. Have you found solutions yet?


I am Serin Sifana an Indian married a PR of Malaysia. I got my spouse visa for  6 months but then not allowed  to work. By next month I need to extend my visa for 1 year. Whether with that visa I can work here or need to get working visa. Please I need a clarification on this.


serinshiba - latest rule is you need to get a job offer and then apply to immigration for an endorsement giving permission to work.

There is a good FB group with lots of info and ability to find previous discussions or start your own.

The "Notes" section also has useful guides and links.

Thank you  Gravitas

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