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Hi.. Iam In Abidjan since past 6 months. . i have a little daughter. . iam looking for playdates for my kid. preferably English speaking.. because im not fluent in french  and still learning.  also if anyone who could help me with my french skills that would be great. looking forward to make some friends. 

thank you

while you have no issue for that i will assure whatever you needed will be provided since am presently in Abidjan. You can reach me on this six six nine five five four nine two

Hi. My name is Joe. I've always wanted to live abroad. I've met some Kenyan friends here in the USA, and they tell me how nice the climate is in Africa. Sounds like a good place to spend some time.

Hi All,

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Hi, my name is Richard. I am a Ghanaian, married with 4 kids.
An Engineer by profession, working in one of the leading Cocoa Processing companies in the world.
I am english speaking (obviously...... ) and will be relocating around October/November of this year in Ivory Coast - in Abidjan.
I am currently working on accomodation and schools......
I definitely need to learn and improve on my french language!
I will like to learn from expats who have had experience living in Abidjan and connect with people.


Iam not an expat, but an ivoirian who lived and worked in Ghana as well for 3 years.

Iam currently working as HR Consultant for my own firm Timshel .

There is no big difference between Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire as we share a lot of things culturally, economically.aib

Iam very much available to assist you when you will be in Abidjan.

You can reach me at ++++ when you land here.

Akwaba in Abidjan

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hi All,

i am ragesh an indian been working in dubai for the last 8 years and landed in ivory cost 2 weeks ago for a construction project , new environment.would love to meet some expats here to know more about this place ..

Hope to have some positive response,

Thanks & Regards,


Iam not an expat but Ivoirian Management  consultant who has worked with a lot of indians here.

wanna know more about Cote d'Ivoire as a whole, or anything regarding labor law, business staffing, payroll management, work permis,

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My name is Christian and I am Ivorian. Actually I am doing a Bachelor computer Application. My differents hobbies are computer, culture, startup...
I wish to meet some friends with almost the same hobbies.

hi ghsal! welcome to ivory coast
ok we are all friends here, so just try to join me and
we will see how we can help you
bye :)

me also my friend   I'm from Bangladesh

Hi am from Ghana but live in Dubai. I was brought here by my company to work for three month. I am done with two and would be going back to Dubai end of OCT. 2015 thus three weeks to go. I have liked the people of Abidjan for their peaceful nature. I can hardly speak French but I do manage to sail through.
My stay has been good so far....
May God bless the people of I C.

Hi Everyone,

I'm moving to Abidjan for 2 months. (this friday) It's my second time in CI and it will be great to meet new people.

I'm coming for business purposes.

Feel fee to inbox me if you want to discuss about any opportunities related to communication.

We can surely discussed over a coffee or 'poisson braisse'. :)

I speak French and English.

u welcome then, also new here

Hey All
Will be relocating to Abidjan at the end of November 2015. Any advise esp on housing and school for my son

Chris Kiragu

hello im ivorian , i would like to meet new people for friendship. i speak french and english

hello josy,
how are you? welcome to you!!! will be pleased to contribute for friendship

Hi there,
Welcome to Abidjan, I'm from Ghana just got to Abidjan about a week now and will stay for a month. I'd like to meet up for a drink.
I'm Hans anyway.
My email if you'd like to write and know more about each other.


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I am planning to be based between Ivory Coast and London - which is were I am currently living. I am a creative director; editor and entrepreneur. I'll be in the Ivory from end of December until 1st week of February 2016. It'd be fabulous to meet with some people whilst I'm out there to connect and to socialise.

Hello everybody

I am French and I live in Bouaké. Excuse me but I don't know what to say about me, so........if you have any questions, I'll give you answers.
Best regards
Sophie to Ivory coast..landed a week ago...been in west Africa on n off for last 6 years..this time landed in ivory coast..the place which I intend to come for the first voyage to Africa..happend now!! has been good to me and weather friendly  and offcourse people r welcoming!!!!!!!

Oh yes that's dounds do cool...

Never been to Africa yet, but planning to come to Cote c'Ivoire in late 2016 or early 2017. Registered with AirBnB. Any recommendations? Priorities: 1. Safety 2. Cleanliness 2. Convenience to beach/downtown/shopping 3. Comfortable accommodations with outdoor pool if possible 4. Ease of transportation if I don't rent a car 5. Noise (ideally not near traffic, airport noise, construction, etc. 6. One bedroom with Queen bed, kitchen. 7. No smoking.
Any recommended sites to learn the local language? Have tried a couple on You Tube but fairly rudimentary.
I only speak English.
Thank you.

Hello I am agribusiness ,my country is very nice

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Hi all, Salut a tous

I am Turkish and currently working for a multinational organization and considering a new job post a business development manager for west africa based in abidjan, I would like to know more about the expected salary of such a job and if 4,500 USD would be good for a family of 3

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ricky (38 yrs old) and I will be moving to Abidjan in September this year. My wife Jenna(33 yrs old) and my son Ben(3 yrs old) will be joining me. I work for a KFC Franchisee in South Africa. If all goes well, then we will be opening KFC's in Abidjan and surrounding areas.

My wife is a Primary School English teacher. She will be looking for teaching post in Abidjan. I am planning to visit Abidjan early next month to look for an office, house and car as well as check out the sites for the intended stores.

If anyone has any contacts who could assist me, i would really appreciate it.



Hi Everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

@ Ricky, feel free to post your questions on the Ivory Coast forum. You may create separate threads for each question you have.

All the best,

Good morning all😊
My name is sivan
My wife has been offered a post in ivory coast.  so we are relocating to support her. I will need to find a new post when I get there (I am a chemical engineer with a petroleum company in SA)

My reason for joining this group is to find out more about our new destination as I have never been there. All articles I have read about Ivory Coast are daunting to say the least ...... country just coming out of al queda attacks and mutiny by soldiers, high crime rates and neighbour to worst conflict area in Africa ..... scares me terribly since I have a baby and 2 kids under 10 going to join us.

I also don't find hot climates amicable to me. But willing to sacrifice a lot for my wife. Don't want to discourage her. Please tell me there is a rainbow on the other side of this.

Apologies for the negativity ..... just so afraid of the unknown.....

hi everyone,
   i am Jessica Amadi and am very happy to be here with all of us. I lived in Abidjan for a very long time, i i sure know how to make life easy for most of us who would love to go round the country and make discoveries because i am an explorer. I will be waiting for your messages. :)

LOL, dear Sivan i can give you the assurance of being safe in this country, as it is the country is very calm and i am reassuring you that you and your family will enjoy your stay here.

  KFC in Abidjan?  that will be awesome. I will be happy to help you and your family. Email me if i can be of help, and which i know i will be cause i know where your wife could apply as a teacher. I can also be your PA because of my competence. I will be waiting for your message here is my email address xxx

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Well i dont know if by now you have gotten someone to help you. I can still help if you want

Hello everyone ,
I am Bashir, i am from lebanon and planing to make business in abidjan,
I appreciate this opportunity you are giving to socialize and help
I am searching for a warehouse or for a 1000sqm to 2500sqm land for rent in a good location for my new project
I wish success for everyone
Have a nice time 👋👋


I'm Michael and my wife Marie and I are retiring to Abidjan next year.  We have lots of family there, but we don't know any American expats.

We have a place to live, but we still need to set up banking.  If anyone is up to speed on how to do direct deposit from the US to Abidjan, I'd love to hear it.

It would be nice to know if there are other Americans close by.



Hi, Im Martin and Im Swedish-Italian.  Been living in Europe but doing many short trips to the Ivory Coast the last 10 years. However, as of yesterday Im finally officially living in Abidjan.

Im doing real estate investments in and around Abidjan including running a houseshare in Cocody.  So if anyone needs a place to stay, let me know!

Id love to meet up with other expats here!



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