New members of the Luxembourg forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Luxembourg forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Luxembourg if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

HI, It's Haris Joshi from Nepal.I am here for 3 years bachelor program. Hope it will be fun studying here.

hi its sasha from nigeria....i just completed my first degree planning moving to luxembourg soon hope to find compactibility,good people and  work ovr thr... :) much love

am Ifeanyi from Nigrria an entrepreneur would like to tour and also live in Luxembourg

Hi I am Karim from France, I live since 4 months here
Hope to find new nice people here

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Hi, My name is Joel an ICT Professional, Precisely into Web/Software Development and Software Aesthetics . I want to move to Luxembourg. I will want you to help me in getting a Job related to my Field of Profession. I also Hope to enroll for Msc program over there.

I currently Leave in Nigeria.

Thank you as i await your earliest reply.

Hello, I'm Mechelle from Penang, Malaysia
I'm planning to migrate to Luxembourg soon..
Hope to get nice friends there.. :)

Hello everybody,
I moved here in April this year to be with my partner who already works in Luxembourg.
Hasn't been the easiest of journeys so far, I'm a British qualified mechanic but finding work here has been tough, not just as a mechanic but anything.
Hopefully things will get better soon, am planning on being here for a while yet!

I just received a job offer in Luxembourg (currently living in Beirut lebnaon).  I am a little scared because from what I read I am getting a very different figures on the cost of living. On some site I read it is reasonable, while on others I read it is more expensive than Paris or London.
I will be moving there with my wife. We have no children.
I would like to talk to someone over the phone to get an idea about how expensive  Luxembourg city is.

Thank you for any help you can provide


Hi everyone,

My name is Jonas, I've recently arrived to Luxembourg and I'm working at Amazon. I'm Portuguese and have lived in the US for a couple of years. I have an open spirit, I'm very communicative and I'm looking to meet new people. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and a bit of French. just send me a message saying Hi.



I'm Roberta just arrived in my new city Luxembourg!!! Directly from Dublin ;) I'm an expert professional italian teacher for foreigners so if there is someone of you guys Who is interested to learn italian doesn't hesitate to contact me;)))))) italian is a beautiful language isn't it?

**contact moderated by Team


Hello Roberta

Thank you for your introduction on the forum and welcome to :)

Kindly note that no publicity is allowed on the forum.

You may however propose your services through free ads in our Classifieds section and also register your services as language teacher in our Business directory

Kenjee Team

Hi, I'm Helena and I'm portuguese. I've been living in Lux for almost 3 years.


Already in Luxembourg or ?



sashabrit :

hi its sasha from nigeria....i just completed my first degree planning moving to luxembourg soon hope to find compactibility,good people and  work ovr thr... :) much love

Hi everyone,

Welcome to :)

@ yiehom - The topic of this thread is "New members of the Luxembourg forum, introduce yourself here", May be you could introduce yourself?

Thank you


Hello dears,
my name is Merita and I 35 years old. I currently live in France /Longwy  but I was born in the Kosovo.
I'm looking for a job opportunity or internship in Luxembourg, because I believe that this nation can offer great opportunities for young people giving the opportunity to learn and grow from a personal point of view and professional. Also in Luxembourg there are many research  institutions ,corporations and it is these types of companies in which I would like to express my skills by learning, listening and understanding the work to achieve the objectives.
I graduated in Chemistry  and then I have a master's degree in environmental  management .
•    I have high professional abilities to consult about environment legislation, gather needed data for project and excellent managing skills with staff and experts involved in the project. My previous experience as manager indicates that I have professional and human potential for different managerial positions, during project realization, and cooperation with regional units for environment management


My name is Sitara, my husband and I are planning to move from London to Luxembourg in a few days for work.

Anyone out there who has just moved or live in Lux who can share some helpful tips in finding a place?


Hi am yemi from nigeria jus finished my first  degree n hopin to move down there for master degree n also liv n work there

Hello There,

My name is Roland, just moved here from Lebanon.
Looking forward to a fresh start...

Hello everyone!!! Kow that English is not enough to work in the main areas in Luxembourg. And also for the daily.I advice to you to learn French and to take Luxembourgish lessons where you will live. All cities in Luxembourg offer free Luxembourgish lessons.

Hi im a filipina..i used to work in italy and now im in luxembourg..hope you can help me find a job and i would love to meet filipinos to make friends too.thanks

Hello everybody,
I just moved to Luxembourg and I am looking to make a friends. I am very sociable and easy going.
Contact me if you want to chat :)


Hi there!

How are you finding life in Luxembourg? We may be moving there in August and wonder what your opinions are.




Hi there!

How are you finding life in Luxembourg? We may be moving there in August and wonder what your opinions are.




My name is Rajesh. I just arrived yesterday to Luxembourg from USA. I will be here for good 2yrs. Im single and looking for accommodation. Any help or thoughts are appreciated.


Hello everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Rajesh, do not hesitate to drop an advert in the Housing in Luxembourg section of the website so that you may get some offers.

You will also find some useful links to specialised websites in the Accommodation in Luxembourg articles.

All the best,

Hi im Ron,

i have some questions.
Will post it on the forum.'


Hello nadeline...i am zaynab frommauritius

Im also new in Luxembourg! Moved in November! Coffe and pastries lover contact me if you want to join me sometime! :)

Hello.. I am zaynab basically from Mauritius... I have just moved to luxembourg.. I'm looking for new friends. 😀

Hi Nadalibe

I am new to Luxembourg as well.

I moved from Bangalore in India looking to make some friends with whom I can hang out.



Its been a week in lux and I am already bored since I do not have any friends.

Let me know if anybody would like to catch up over the weekend and also do some house hunting together.



I'm Dhanshi from India. Been in Lux since Nov' 2016. 

Hoping to make new friends!


Hello i am zaynab from mauritius.. i have been in luxembourg since january.. hope to make new friends...

Hello fioresh.. im zaynab from mauritius.. just moved to luxembourg pn january

Hello All,

Name is Pankaj. Just moved to Luxembourg. Am here with wife and kids, working for a software company. Hoping to meet people and have a good time in Luxembourg.

Hi there ,

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome.
I have just come back from the Europe trip last week,
I had done about 15 countries in total in this trip
and I've been falling in love with Luxembourg a lot because of the beauty of
the history, landscape, people in this city.
So I am here to try if I could find a job for a 48 years old Thai lady from Thailand.

Plus it's very close to the other countries where my friends are ...
Any thing I should know about Luxembourg, please advise :)

Thanks and Regards,
Gaii :)

Hello everyone..

I am planning to study my master degree in accounting and audit in Luxembourg University and to find a job during or after graduation. Currently I am woring in an audit company as Associate auditor.

As I mentioned in my topic the following questions are the most interested topics for me:

- Will I be able to get a job after or during my master study,
- What priviliges will Luxembourg give me if I will bring my family (wife+2 kids) to Luxembourg during
   my studies.
- What is the reputation of the University of Luxembourg in Luxembourg and in Europe? Does
  European countries recognizes its diploma?
- Is a student eligible to stay after graduation for some period to find a job?
- What is the budget for a student for one month living in Luxembourg (both in Student dormitory (if I`ll come alone) and in a private appartment (with family situation))

Please write your comments..

Thanks in advance..


Thanks for a quick response and full information. As I understood, it is quite difficult to study and work in Lux :)
At least I have formalized some ideas about Lux from your reply.

Thanks a lot again.

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