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I just graduated from University and moved to Luxembourg from Oklahoma, USA this month to live with family for 6 months and I am looking for some people my age to hang out with because for the moment, I don't know many people here except family. I have always loved Luxembourg and I've enjoyed many a vacation here but sometimes it's a bit boring when you don't have anyone to join you. 6 months is a long time when you are hanging out with yourself!

im american we can hang out
maybe a few years older
but im american if you deside

Hi Brooke,

I have just moved to Luxembourg from England to live with a family too. I don't know the place very well yet! I would love to meet up for some coffee or something if yu're still interested? I'm working as an au pair so i also don't get much of a chance to meet people my own age! Let me know if you're interested :)


Hey Brooke and Hayley :)

Maybe we can meet this weekend as the 3 of us are living in Luxembourg and looking for meeting new people.

Maybe we can share what interests/hobbies we have, discuss about life in Luxembourg and enjoy sharing about us.


Hi RJ7

Could you introduce yourself and write in English in this anglophone forum please? Thank you

Hi Brooke,

I'm from scotland, been working here for a few months. so guessing you know the place better than me lol.

If you fancy meeting for a coffee / cinema etc let me kno

Colin :-)

I'm also on for meeting up at the weekends. I live in luxembourg city.

Hi guys,

same goes for me: I'm living in Lux now and I'd like to meet some new friends to make Lux a bit more enjoyable :-)

if anyone is interested in meeting for a coffee, plz feel free to leave a message!

greets Tim

Hey Tim

I'm meeting a few people for a few drinks and cinema on Saturday.  Not got the details sorted yet, but so far there is 4 of us. 

If you want to come along let me know :-)


Hi all, my name is David, I'm from Italy. I landed today in Lux and I will be starting work here from the next week.

Does anyone want to meet up with me? I am looking for new friends! :)

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi David,

I'm out of the country this weekend meeting family, but I'm good to meet next week or next weekend.  Will hopefully get a few people to join us :-)

Welcome to Luxembourg :)


Hey guys, sorry! I never logged back onto this thing haha I hope everyone is doing well in Luxembourg! Let's hope this weather improves by May! :)

Hey Brooke,

Poor show :-P
Yeah Luxembourg is starting to become a good place for me. Meeting alot of really good people and starting to know where (some ) places are :-)

I agree I hope we get some good spring weather :-)

hope your doing well too


Hey , are you still in Luxembourg ?

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