Driving license for an Indian

Hi Aneesh,

I want to take Belgium Driving License.
Please can you guide me the best way to get it quickly.I already had Indian License.
It would also be great If you can help me with any theory book If you have.Thanks

Thanks and Regards
Ranjith Rupireddy

Hello Ranjith,

If you read this thread from the beginning, you will find the info you need. … 10#1849480

Sorry, I dont have a theory book :(

Dear All,

I would like to seek your comments on the following scenario.

I am on Indian driving license and passed the Belgian traffic theory test. I am attending driving classes.

If I complete all the 20hrs of lessons, I will be receiving  a provisional license.

On provisional license, am I eligible to rent a car from car pooling  to practice my driving further before I go for practical driving test ?

EDIT: If I cannot rent a car from car pooling, what is the best way ?


Best way is to check with the car rental company and ask if you are allowed to rent a car with provisional license. At the same time, check with exam center if you can use a rented car for the test.

If the answers are not positive, it is better to go with the driving school's car (the same car in which you are practicing now, as you already are comfortable with that car).

Thanks Aneesh for prompt reply.

I had called cambio & caramigo. Both said I cannot rent on provisional license. I doubt there are any company willing to rentout to provisional license holders ?

In short, is this statement correct: provisional license is only useful when we want to buy a car or own a company car?


Hi all,

I have faced some difficulties during the exchange process of my driving license to Belgian one.

The thing is I lost my previous permit and I had to go back to home country to retrieve a new driving license.
But the city hall does not want to change it due to of new permit’s date of issue which is 05.2016 and I have received my Belgian ID in 02.2016, despite the fact the note on the other side of the driving permit stating “ this is a replacement of the driving permit which was issued in 03.2009, license number XXXXXX”

Could anybody advise how can I convince and resolve this issue with the city hall. They rejecting to accept my driving license. Where I can report this issue, maybe some Administration of transport of something like that?

I know that generally driving license from my home country is recognized.

Thaks in advance

Hello Guys,

I see a lot of guys have commented their views and experiences on driving license procedure.

I really appreciate, you are going a great help to needy people.

Since I hold only Indian car driving license, I would like to apply for Belgium driving license now.

And of course I have some doubts.

Theory test:

1. Do I have to wait for weeks and weeks for English translator??
2. Which place is good for theory test ?? (Evere, Anderletch or Scharbeek)
3. The new/latest book(Driving in Belgium from A to Z) is 49.95 euros and I think it's bit expensive. On their website they charge 6-10 euros for 2 days unlimited mock tests so, will the online mock tests be sufficient to pass theory test since I studied their book of 2008 year???
4. Is there any restriction on number of attempts of theory test???.

Practical test: 

1. Do I have to give practical test right after the theory test(if I pass theory test)???? or I have option to give practical test whenever I want??
2. If I fail in practical test,  Is there any restriction on number of attempts of practical test???.
3. Which is good for practical test, Brussels or Asse???

And if someone is ready sell his theory book for reasonable price, please send message or mail to ***

I really appreciate you guys for replying to my doubts.


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Hi Aneesh,

Thank you for all the valuable information. Could you please provide the person/driving school's contact number who give 3-4 classes and accompany as a translator to the practical exam?

Thank you in advance.


Aditi Sarkar :

Hi Aneesh,

Thank you for all the valuable information. Could you please provide the person/driving school's contact number who give 3-4 classes and accompany as a translator to the practical exam?

Thank you in advance.


Heard good feedback about from my friends. Other than this, all driving schools [Auto Ecole Europeenne, Auto Ecole Stop, etc] (with an English instructor - as you need lessons in English) can provide you lessons. With driving schools, as per my understanding, you may have to use their vehicle for the tests for the instructor to accompany you.

You may also speak to the translator to see if he/she has contacts of freelance instructors.

Hi all,

back after a hiatus, but with good news.

After 1 year of driving in Brussels with Indian License I finally got my Belgian Driving License few months ago. Just a small guidance and process I followed.

What I had

1. Indian Driving License (old format/incomplete name/duplicate version)
2. 10+ years of driving experience from driving all over the world (India/US/UK)

Theory Test

1. Bought the book from Waterstones
2. Read the book & practiced with online exams on their website (with book)
3. Waited 4 weeks for a date to get a slot with English translator
4. Attempted the exam and passed in 1st attempt
5. More &  More practice exam helps and also since I was driving already, rules were clear

Practical Test

1. - Absolutely good place and great guidance - recommended
2. Went there, took a 2 hr class and then straight to test
3. Attempt 1 - I had my Belgian ID gone for renewal so i got a paper from commune.. this was rejected and i could not appear for test
4. Attempt 2 - They reject my Indian License saying - Name is not clear, so money gone and could not even appear for test
5. Changed  test center to Asse ( new School)
6. CRZ driving school - Recommended (English Speaking & Good)
7. 2 hours of classes and to the test
8 . Indian License was accepted and test was successful
9. Gave the certificate to commune and my Indian Driving License
10. 2 weeks and I had my Belgian License with me

Yes, I took some risk for initial few months driving without a Local License, but I did not drive much as I live close to work and thankfully no problems.

Hope this helps for others who are trying to get a License.


Noticed some helpful information from you. Thanks for that. Could you please pm me the trainer contact info ?
I have driven here in Europe the first few months and I do not want to spend a lot in attending 20HRS classes. So if you could point me to the relevant contacts that would be great.

Hi.. I am an Indian settled in Belgium. I have cleared my theory test and now I am taking practical lessons with driving instructor (I have taken option lof 20 hours so that after 20 hrs, he can give me attest saying 20 hrs instruction done and this attest can then make me eligible to apply for temporary driving license without giving practical exam as that exam is for permanent license).

The problem is my instructor says he may not be able to cover everything in 20 hours as I am taking long to adapt. He is asking me to take more lessons otherwise he may not give me that attest and this means paying more and more money to him. I don't have car as of now so in between the lessons I can't practice so I am thinking to buy one so that I can practice.

Now the concern is how shall I practice if I don't have even temporary license. I have booked a car and I will get in a week's time but I can't practice and if I don't practice then for sure I have to keep giving money to instructor for each extra hour. I don't know anyone here who has license from 8 yrs and also I don't want to take somebody's huge favour as that person's name will come in my license and I have to always drive in presence of this person.

Secondly, after few weeks when I will be comfortable with driving still my license will have this person's name and I will be obliged to drive only in presence of this person.

On papers if I am done with 20 hrs of lessons with driving school, can I demand a attest from instructor or does he hold the right to decide to issue it or not ?

I want him to give it because until and unless I get license, I can't even apply for insurance and I can't even practice. I know few people who have EU license from few yrs (less than 8 yrs), my plan is to drive with them to practice once I get temporary license.
Someone who knows all the laws will understand my concern well. Hoping somebody can advice solution.


On papers if I am done with 20 hrs of lessons with driving school, can I demand a attest from instructor or does he hold the right to decide to issue it or not ?

-> In my knowledge it is upto the instructor or school to decide if they see you fit for the 18 moths provisional.

Hi Chandni,

I have a colleague of mine who had the same problem. He finished 20 hours but he was not driving well and needed more practice.

The driving instructor was not willing to give a certificate of attest at that point of time. so he took some more lessons and finally it ended up as 36 hours.Now he has got his Temporary driving license where he can drive without anyone next to him.

But he still would like to drive on a regular basis to get used before he can take a test. He was thinking of buying a car. He was not sure if you can get insurance on a temporary license at a good price (it will be expensive) so he is now practicing with the driving school again.

I would say do the 36 hours and not 20 and get a free license to drive without anyone along. then use your own car to practice with L/A board.


I dont think there is a special provisional license after 36 hours of training. Do you (or your friend) has any official documentation link describing this ?

And to add: The provisional 18 months license (for which minimum is 20 hours and attest from instructor) allows you to drive alone. You may carry additional (max 2) passengers that meets the requirements mandated by law. (with L board)

Indeed, insurance with a provisional license can be very expensive.

It does not.. i checked with him and he told that only the instructor got happy after 36hrs that he can drive.

Also new rules that are in brussels here … /1.2667281

Theory test - 30 hrs of driving lessons - Direct practical exam

"More and more people don’t have a car. Furthermore, a lot of young people in Brussels are unemployed and a lot of employers demand that candidates for jobs have a driving licence. This is why that we want to give them the chance to take their driver test straight after an intensive course of 30 hours’ driving lessons”.

I understood your point. I have found a way out. I will text you later. Thanks a lot.

Can I add you on facebook. My name on it is Chand Tilwani Shah. We may discuss this further there.

Thanks for clarifying rules Aneesh. I have found a way out. Will text you later. Thanks.

Good to know you found a way out. Please do update here so that others can also benefit !

You can use the messaging system here in this website for 1-1 conversations.

Hi everyone,

I have one friend here who has EU license from 8 years. So I am opting for temporary driving license (36 M duration one) with this friend as my instructor. Though I can't drive alone with this license, I will always practice with her in my own car. I have booked my car. I am okay with this kind of practice as I had no other smart option.

So once I get confident, I will go back to my driving school and finish few lessons with him so that he gives me a letter that enables me to apply for another type of temporary license (18 M) on which I can drive alone or I will directly go for practical exam for permanent license.

I understand everybody can't go for this method because -
A. One as an immigrant, need to know someone who agrees to be instructor and has license from more than 8 yrs

B. Arranging a car to practice driving is not always possible


Hi Aneesh:

Would you have insights into Category A (Motorcycle) license in Belgium?
1. I hold a car driving license in Belgium for the past 3 years. Do you know if this entitles me to any waivers on the motorcycle driving license?
2. Is it possible to exchange my Indian motorcycle license for that of a Belgian license?
3. What is the minimum number of hours of classes I will require?
4. Can I someone who has a motorcycle license for over 10 years vouch for me (that's what I did for my car license and just got 1 hr at a driving school) and I go and do the practical exam after passing the theory?

The motorcycle license rules have changed since April 2013 and i find different conclusions at different places.


Hi All,

Thanks for the information you guys provided. Those are really helpful.

Could any one let me know the exact name of the book that needs to be referred to pass the theory exam?

On website it was mentioned clearly that

"The code that you find in the book "Driving in Belgium from A to Z" does not work for this site.

Hence, I would like to know the exact book, so that I can take up the exercises on this website using the code in book.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Aneesh,

Do you know anything about the GOCA risk perception test, which was recently introduced in the practical exam? Anyone got an experience with it? I would like to know if this test can be taken in english as well or is it only in dutch?

Hi Aneesh,

I have passed my theory exam (B) and have a Indian driving license before entering Belgium.
The local town doesn't seem to be aware of the "if I have an Indian driving license" thing.
Do you know if there is an official way to know this ?
Anindya Mitra.

Townhall or practical exam center ?

Hi cam you give me more details for acquiring a driving license....can you inbox me ***

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All details are in the thread. Read through it, if you have more specific questions, post here.

HI Aneesh,

If you don’t mind, may I have the contact numbers of your friends who can assist for driving practical exam?

Thx much in advance

Hi Aneesh,

I have been driving in Belgium with my 18 months provisional license and now I have passed the practical exam under my Indian driving license. I have applied for my full driving license with the local town hall and it will take few days to be issued.

I was just wondering if the restrictions of the provisional license still applies for me.
Could you please help with some info in this regards?

Thanks in advance,
Anindya Mitra.

Yes. The same rules apply until you receive your full license.

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