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I cleared my theory exam and I am looking to appear for practical driving test.

I heard from some friends it's difficult to pass the exam in Brussels and I could choose any centre outside Brussels.

Can anyone recommend good driving school for English speakers in and outside of Brussels? [ I Know only know Auto Ecole ]

Any experience in appearing for practical test outside Brussels? Any recommendation for choosing the exam centre?

Thank you.

Jhon's lessons are delivered in english, friendly and makes easy to learn.
is a good school with a good teacher in English : Eric

Hi, I failed my practical three times inside Brussels then was obliged to do extra hours by the government so in total ended doing about 30 hours of driving school. so for my fourth time I had, had enough and drove all the way to Louvain la Neuve at 7 am to avoid rush hour and passed perfectly :)
hope this helped

:) Ty for the reply. I have enrolled for a school in Zaventem and they told me i can give exam in Leuven ;) putting my fingers crossed. Where is the driving centre you mentioned is that in Leuven too?

Leuven is not Louvain la Neuve.
Both are Uni towns but one in Flanders and one in Wallonia

yeah, both are at about 30 to 40 minutes drive and even less when no traffic so really shouldn't be a problem. I wish you the best of luck   :D
go smash  it buddy

Congratulations. I know one in antwerpen called Vab. Can you please help me with finding the theory book in English. How did you do it i mean because I could not find the book or the cd in English . Please write me back.   xxx.  Thanks alot wish you success in the practical

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Waterstones in Brussels sells it

yeah or if your lucky or ! also could work

Hello people,

did anyone of you did the GOCA risk perception test during the practical examination? Can anyone give me an idea how was the experience and is it possible to take it in english?

Haven't heard about it yet. Did you check with the exam center ?

This is indeed new in Flanders since this year.
Will be introduced in Brussels sometime in 2018

do you have an idea if this can be taken in english or not?
This must be difficult for the non-dutch speakers

If it is not introduced in Brussels yet, yo do the exam in Brussels :) … id=7936513 … id=2242322


I passed the exam in Asse. The perception test is nothing but the formalities. It seems they are going to introduce in Brussels from next year.

They will tell you the result of perception test after your driving exam.
Examiners are bit strict in Asse, maybe because many people come from Brussels to give exam. If you are going to give an exam where you do not know the area, better take few hours classes and try to know the area and speed limits, speed zone.

you can go to this site and practice these videos,

You just focus on driving test not the perception one. If you pass the driving test and fail in perception test then also you are pass.  Adapt the speed, look around, give attention to pedestrian, follow the rule  and be calm :)

Also practice all six maneuver. Any 2 can come.

All the best!


failled my practical driving test in Schaerbeek,
what was your experince  in  LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE, ie the roads ....did you go too the centre vile?
am considering looking for another exam center outside Brussels but in Asse is Flemish... does anyone knows if they do traslators?
Thanks in advance..

check this link:

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