How to change your permanent residing address?

This is slightly off topic perhaps, but I am really clueless about how to go about this. So if there are any other Americans that have immigrated or are expats elsewhere, maybe you can help me out?

I am a US citizen, but have immigrated to Belgium w/ a green card. I have no idea how to change my permanent address to an international one (American -> Belgian)? I use to live in California, and have seen that via the DMV you can only change your address to another address within America, and not an international one. I tried asking the embassy here, but they said they can't advise me on how to do something in America, and recommended I contact the DMV? :/ I have tried to search this on the internet, but have failed to come up with an answer. I am just completely clueless??

Hi aishen,

I would suggest you to contact the closest U.S. Embassy Brussels, this might guide you through the steps to get this information change. … _1044.html

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what do you need to have this address changed for exactly? Since the US doesn't have an official population register like so many European countries, they don't seem to have much of a handle on where anyone lives.

Hi ECS- I'm still getting jury duty summons' back in California (at my fathers address), even though I've already given proof before of residing abroad. I thought maybe there is some other way to change my 'permanent place of residence' and that perhaps i'm just oblivious on how to do it...

David, As I mentioned before, I did already write to my embassy and they said they couldn't advise me on what to do, other than to try to contact the DMV.

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