Nursing in Siem Reap Cambodia?

Hey All!!!

I am moving to Siem Reap in Feb 2014 to live with my partner who has been there for the past 4months working in a hostel. I am a qualified registered nurse and am finding it soooooo hard to find job applications online haha

Does anyone have any advice or know how easy/hard it is for a westerner to get a job in the Royal International Angkor Hospital?

Would really appreciate your help =)

Thank youuuuu

Many people find it easier to get a job (in various fields) upon arrival. There are lots of hospitals and clinics in town where foreigners are favored. Often other foreigners tend to feel more comfortable with their standards of practice. When someone far from home is sick and scared familiarity, be it visual or communicative, can be comforting. Do the rounds with your CV and make sure to include a visa-style photo! You could also try contacting some NGO’s and ask if they know of any openings. If you’d like to get your feet wet with a splash of altruism Concert, for example, is well-known and reputable. Working with abused and/or impoverished Khmer women to seek safe, proper medical care (often for the first time) is a primary focus. Do a google search or check out all the links on this and other expat sites/blogs for the many NGO’s and other medically affiliated org’s in town. You can always transfer after a bit. Getting some in-country experience with both a respected group and the Khmer community can’t possibly hurt if you’re looking to make the bigger bucks. I think I saw an ad in the classifieds/jobs section on this site for nursing, but it might have been in Phnom Penh. Try contacting some of the hospitals there. In a small country like this someone inevitably knows someone who knows someone. Make sure to post an ad on the jobs forum here. Your next reply will likely be a moderator telling you to do just that! Good luck…I’m always game for a welcome drink!  Cheers -Laura

Thank you so much  for your reply!

My partner who is there said it is easier to just walk around with your CV and ask around, just as you said.

It’s a bit of a risk but that is exactly what I am going there for. I hopefully will have a few months of settling in and getting to know people first before I try get a job. Thank you very much for your reply again! Its just a very different place majority of people don’t have a clue of the ins and outs of the working life in Cambodia.

Can you suggest any NGO organisations that you like? Or have used before?


I will be arriving in February so could be very happy to meet!

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