Shipping from Cambo to Europe


I have to move back to Europe and I'd like to ship a few things back if possible. Nothing big, just a couple of tea chest size boxes with personal stuff.

I can only find shipping from Thailand but nothing from Phnom Penh. Does anyone have any advice or pointers / suggestions of how I could ship some stuff back to Europe?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks :)

Hi Mark here
yes i do have arrangments to shipping to EU
please advice details to

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Hello everyone,

@ Mark.k.gamini, advices are welcomed on the forum so that members who are in the same situation might benefit from your inputs.

However, proposing your services on the forum is not allowed. If you are a professional, please freely register in the Cambodia business directory.

@ Ben_Gunn, to which country are you moving to please ?

All the best,


And you are ?


I am a former banker from the USA and a former English teacher in China (2015).  I was asked to come to Cambodia to teach English in December of 2015--arrived here 5 months ago--and still have not been offered a position here (which is absolutely ridiculous; especially after applying at 20+ schools and not receiving any communication at all).

The 21st school that I applied at, did a demo teaching class for the school administration (and was successfully graded on such), offered me a teaching position 3 months ago--and then retracted it a month later (before school started)--by telling me that "the principal liked you, I (the assistant) like you, but the principal's wife was not comfortable with you...therefore you have to lot for other schools."  Someone is not telling me the truth and I was quite stunned and angry but life goes on--and so will I--so if nothing materializes soon, I will return to the USA to again work in the financial sector for a while; before deciding my next move.  Take care talk to you later.

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