Working for MASA

So I an offered a job in Jubail, working for MASA in potable water plant. Was hoping to get a bit of info  about working for MASA.

I'd suggest you to search for that on and get in touch with people working there.

Hi Texcanman,
Marafiq Saur (MASA) is one of our clients. It is a nice company and the management is french/saudi although they have some british/american expats also working. Potable water plant is located 35-40 km from the city and has an american superintendent.
They have good salary structure and give 3-4 basic salaries as bonus.

Thank you sir, I really appreciate your comment

Hi I have an american friend living in Riyadh looking to change his job ( he is not registered on the forum) though and I was reading this post.
He has MBA degree from Northern Kentucky University , concentration International Business with 9 years experience in construction, retail, gas, and petroleum.

Do you have a contact to where he can call or send his CV?

thanks much

dear sir,
I'm French citizen and would to apply a job as Electrical Maintenance Engineer to saur at Jubail but I could not get the address , can any one help, please.

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