Female Looking for Job in Jubail

Hi Friends,

I am from India, came to Saudi Arabia on visit visa for 3 months. My husband is working here in Jubail. I am an IT professional with 6 years of experience. I am looking for a job in jubail, but they say IT jobs are not possible here. I am ready to get into teaching profession as well. If I get a job, I can come back on family status. Plsssssssss help me getting a job here, since I need to stay with my hubby.

Hi VijiVinoth,

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Please drop an advert in the Jobs in Jubail section of the website so that you may get an offer.

You may also read the Work in Jubail article to gather information.

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Hi I am pretty new, however I have a feeling that you may try Jubail Industrial College, I heard many subcontinent people work there.

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