Help! Are there jobs in Rincon? Moving from FL soon.


I am looking to move to Rincon area within a couple of weeks and wanted to know if there is any type of constrution jobs, I mainly want to care for kiddos in home and maybe some foster care but I work as a painter and do some handyman type work for extra cash. I would also really love to know if there are bike paths near the beach? Is it safe to ride a bike around the area?

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The construction industry in PR has been in the dumps for years now. I don't have any knowledge specific to Rincon though. That said, it doesn't strike me as the type of town with a lot of building going on.

I live in Rincon, fortunately I am retired. It's the "slow" season right now and economically people I know say it's tougher than normal. People that come to Rincon like it here and try to support themselves any way then can. I believe there are opportunities for people to start small businesses but one must be creative, do one's homework, have a capital buffer, and understand one's target population. But I understand that you want to find a job and that may be tough.

People bicycle here and because of the hilly terrain I see serious cyclists around, perhaps training. However you do take your life into your hands if you cycle. Roads are narrow and you will be competing with cars, walkers, horses, dogs, and skateboarders.

Have you ever been to Rincon?

Thank you for the reply. Thats the feel I get about the situation....


Hi Victor,

Thanks for the reply! I have not been to Puerto Rico.. I truly want to care for kiddos at least part time that is what I love to do. I have cared for them in a group home setting however mostly Ive mentored, and cared for kids in home like after school care and live-in caregiver. So basically I am thinking private mentoring, and or caring for a family. I also can help out with English teaching... I am looking into group homes there but it seems like I need to be there to get a real idea. I also do handyman type things. What are you're thoughts on this. I am not stuck on Rincon it just seems like a good place to at least start. I also though the east side just outside of San Juan...

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Unless you have a lot of money to back you up for awhile I would stay in Florida. Riding a bike just about anywhere on the island is very dangerous. It's not only the very crowded roads but once you get off the main road most of the roads are about a lane and a half wide and a lot of potholes and no shoulder. Then add to that, PR has some of the worst and most dangerous drivers around. I read in the news about people getting hit frequently just walking along the side of the road. Jobs in Rincon are virtually non existent. The ones that are available usually go to somebody's cousin. I wouldn't consider a move to PR without doing some serious research about the territory itself and learning what the culture is like and how things are done on the island. PR is not a place to just go to and pick up some odd jobs and work with kiddos. Like I tell everybody, especially those that know nothing about the place and have never been there, "this ain't Kansas anymore Dorothy." If you are serious about living there you have to visit several times at least, for an extended stay. Learn about the people, the culture and the way things are done. And if you do go, make sure you have enough cash stashed away to make your escape. Being homeless and penniless in PR is a lot different than it is in FL.  PR can be a wonderful place to live for some people. But only if they are prepared mentally and financially. Moving to a place like PR or  Mexico can be a very dangerous thing to do for those that are unprepared and naive.

You might try contacting Mamma Mel's Childcare Services (go to facebook and search to find page and then send message of inquiry, mention my name) in Rincon. This business opened several days ago. Melanie Smith is the owner. There are other businesses in Rincon that are run by gringos and hire whomever seems right for the job (it is true that puerto rican owned businesses often hire mostly relatives). For example the Rincon Brewery Company will be opening. If you can you should come to Rincon and stay for a while to check it out and get the lay of the land. It is easy to meet people here and network. Housing is cheap and if you eat healthy food costs aren't bad (if you buy processed foods it is at least as expensive as the USA). You might get onto facebook and communicate with people living here.

Thank you Victor and Gregg..

Victor thank you! I will check her situaion out. I was hoping it would be a networking type situation. I figure its rough around the edges but thats everywhere I go.. Thanks again I really appreciate the information!

Best wishes.

Best of luck to you Ron. I hope you succeed and find Puerto Rico to be a good thing for you. I'm sorry if I seem callous in my responses sometimes. But I know how difficult it can be there. I also know how dangerous it can be to go to a place like that with no prior knowledge or understanding of what it is like and how quickly things can go wrong and find oneself in a whole lot of trouble with few options. Hopefully you will hook up with the right people and be able to establish yourself and be happy there. If you want to meet some very nice people in Rincon, go to the plaza on Sundays and check out the farmers market. It's small but it's run and attended by some very, very nice people. In fact a lot of them remind me of my old Hippie days back in the sixties. And I'd suggest seeking out those people like VictorGlass who are knowledgeable, genuinely helpful and caring and can point you in the right direction for your needs.

No Worries.. I understand what you are saying. Its nice to have both ends of the spectrum... TRULY!

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Thank You for that. I am planning another trip with my 3 year old to see if I really can make the move. All the while doing intense research for the past few months to secure childcare, switching my Esthetician license, and how to open a business. It is alot of work! My plan A is to stay in Pennsylvania but I haven't abandoned the idea of being there. Grateful for these boards. 😊

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There are small companies that help facilitate things like starting a business, at a price of course. There been some posts about that in relation with Rincon, the individual also has a Facebook page, maybe somebody has it handy and can repost it.
I found it by searching for mimi. … 379877706/

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