Social service / social work employment in Malta

Hi All

As some of you know my family and I are looking to move to Malta next year for a year or so, and hopefully love the place so much to stay.

I am fully trained and experienced in social work with older people and wondered if anyone knows if there is services in Malta specifically designed to support older people at home, (home support services) or in 24r care. My job in th UK is to assess people over the age of 65 who are finding it difficult to continue living independently at home to see if they would be eligible for  council services, such as home support, day care, residential care, etc.

I'm finding it difficult to find out anything regards this field of work on the island and would be grateful if anyone had any experiences with social services with older people. Maybe their own friends and family? Just want to find out if It would be possible continue in my practice once I move out there.

Thanks people!!

Hi Dana,

do you want to volunteer or earn a living in your field of practice?

If so you should start learning Maltese. Without language skills your chances will be very low.


Hi Ricky.

Ideally earn a wage but would volunteer to 'get my foot in the door', so to speak!

I wondered since Malta is very popular country for older people to retire, surely it wouldn't just be Maltese who would require such support? I would have thought maybe as expats who have retired and become older that they would be requiring similar services in Malta as they find it more difficult to live as independent as they once could.

I'm really not sure though, and I suppose without knowing anyone in Malta who has experienced such problems, it's hard to say.  Maybe the social service system is totally different in Malta?

Thanks for the advice though, Ricky.

Hi dana,

from what I know most Expats actually leave in that stage and return to their home country.

And Maltese is the language in Malta, not English. Whatever you read or are told ...people here speak Maltese!

The Maltese also tend to keep the jobs for Maltese and so load up problems for forigners seeking to work. Volunteering is probably possible but don't count on income.


You will tend to find that the older generation maltese mostly (if not only) speak Maltese.

It would be diffcult i think but not impossible. As Ricky has said a course in maltese would certainly help, maybe combine that with some initial voluntary work until passable in maltese.

I'll look up some courses before I come over and continue learning the language in Malta. I agree, it would certainly increase my chances.

It's not a necessity for me to work, just would like to put my current professional work experience to good use if possible.

Thanks guys.

you will find that many posts will use the language as an obstacle for you to overcome before they would ever consider offering a job...sad but very very true. Even when its not identified as a requirement in a job vacancy advert.

Its a very difficult language to learn but we all start somewhere.

Another option is private care - looking after elderly foreigners in their own home. I know a few who do that in Gozo.

ricky :

Hi dana,

from what I know most Expats actually leave in that stage and return to their home country.

or move to Gozo.

As a foreigner it's not easy to find a good (interesting) work with adequate salary as employee of a Maltese company.
IMHO you will often be put some levels lower than you deserve.

So, in some cases "employment" is not an option in Malta, but why don't you come here, register as self-employer (for the taxman ;)), obtain "certificates" if necessary for this kind of work - and offer your "private care" services on freelance basis to english speaking people ?

I don't know if you need special appliances, infrastructure, prescription drugs etc. - but if not, it's at least worth a try.

btw, Anybody knows if the (basic) health insurance from Malta Social Security paid as self-employer is also valid in other EU countries ? Should be so, right?
deleted - i found the answer


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