Anyone living in Al Jouf??

I am a  teacher and I only know other teachers.  I want to associate with someone who isn’t a teacher so I can have some variety in my life.  If you’re not a teacher, living in Al Jouf, and are looking for a new friend, then please contact me.

Hello truther007,

Welcome to expat-blog,

I am sure you will meet some people soon.


i am posted in aljouf as a radiologist in some hospital and do not know any thing about that city and area. i need to make good friends too. hope to be in touch if you are in at jouf. if u r, please guide me .

am living in al jouf from past 4 year.

I did visit Al Jaouf;

Found that place to be very very difficult.

to reach aljouf from riyad/dammam little difficult..but aljouf is calm and cool place

I have just moved to Sakaka in Al Jouf, I am not a teacher but I work in a college as a quality manager. I need to meet some expats and find out what's to do here as well!

A friend of mine worked there. It sounded like the worst place you could imagine. All of the villas were guarded and he couldn't visit other people, he wasn't allowed to sit down in class, he could only visit the local Panda with the armed guards, once a week. He's the only person I've known who's worked there, but some students also said it's not a good place to be. If a Saudi student says it isn't I'll take their word for it.

hi, wel come to aljouf. i moved here exactly two months before and a medical doctor in MOH. i was in the same situation as u r in. i was doing the same. i m in sakaka. where are you from. ?pl. keep in touch . my email is dfrch2013[at] thanks

i m not a teacher but a doctor in moh in sakaka. it will be a pleasure meeting you and hope to be good friends. my email is dfrch2013[at] hope to be in touch .

Hi, Truther007, I live in Sakaka, Al Jouf
I'm not a teacher, been here for about 4 months.

Me ! 55 km from Sakaka .Here is very peaceful place . My email is chrispatt[at]

Hi guys! Great to hear from so many people in a Sakaka! Anyone knows if nice place to rent? I heard there are no compounds! But I urgently need a nice small one bedroom apartment, well secured.
Please message me if you know of anything, also share ideas in places to eat and gym, things to do. Especially if there are any expats group in Sakaka that get together for a laugh!

Hi Nuja, the Aram Hotel suits are good, 1800 SAR per month for a bedsit, 2100 for a one bedroom, TV etc. with a number of English channels, FOX, MBC etc. There is someone on reception 24/7. Alternatively there is the Nebras a little more expensive but again nice and clean with a 24hr reception. Having stayed at a few places in Sakaka, I can recommend these two.

There is a ladies health /fitness place is in between the two hotel/apts, not sure what facilities the gym has, it does say 'fat break' on the sign outside, not sure what that means but I'm intrigued!! It doesn't say if they have equipment or keep fit classes. None of the Teachers from the College have been to this gym as far as I know.

As for restaurants, there are a few good places, but I have only ever seen single males in them!!! I can find out about restaurants for you.

There is a lake about 15Km away, they have speedboats and jet skies. If you want any more info just email me. The only other places I have visited locally are castles. We do drive to Amman about once a month for a beer and a bit of normality.

I don't agree with the comments that the Full Monty made, I walk round freely and do not feel intimated at all. I find everyone to be friendly.

I haven't come across any expat groups as yet.
My email is bluenose43(at)

Hi there... Hope u don't mind me messaging.. are u still in al jouf.. am a dentist moving to al jouf most probably... Just wanTed to get to know some expats out there...take care.. :(  :)

Hi Avrgren, I left Sakaka about 3 weeks ago as the contract ended. I'm now working in Jeddah.

Hi there... Thanks for ur reply..Actually I am trying to change my city to jeddah or riyadh ... Cos it's bigger and I have lived there.. just wanted to know how's al jouf.. how are the accommodation s they I am going through MOH hope they are good.  How's the place ... Would like to know some expats before I go just incase I land up there..

I know a few feamle teachers that work in the College that I worked at.

The accomodation that I was in was good, 2000 SAR per month for an apt/hotel, wi-fi and TV included, if you are interested in this one let me know and I will find the address.

Sakaka is a small friendly town, well it is for males, not sure thefemale teachers from the College felt the same. It is very conservative in its ways with all women wearing a niqab, not like Jeddah at all.

Not a lot to do, no real coffee shops, 1 shopping mall, the biggest supermarket is Othaim. A few traditional Arabic restaurants.

Oh thank u I will definitely

I am a sitemanager living in Al Jouf. maybe we can meet


Any one still working in Sakaka. Need some info regarding housing, environment, family life, expense  etc .

I have been offered a position in Al Jouf university but couldn't find much information about area on internet. 



i have also been offered a position in Al Jouf university. I am trying to get in touch with people living there or who have lived there before for insights on how the place is


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Hi All
I been in sakaka five years ago ,work as an engineer at construction co., interesting places here are :  Dumat Al jandal lake, historical city at Duma , gardens , desert tour  and shopping. 
any one you found new interesting activity in sakak?


Hi,  dear am Asif and new at soudi Aribia I am alone and not Teacher searching true fried do u like?

Hello all

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