baby in Mauritius

Has anyone recently had a baby in Clinic in Mauritius.
Hubby and i are moving to Mauritius but also want another child but it would be born there, it sounds silly but i am abit scared.
Someone please reassure me?!!

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I just had a baby 2 months ago. I really liked the doctor -MD Babeejaun. I had my first with him too. Had a c-section which healed up in 2 weeks. My back is still hurting though. I chose Apollo Bramwell hOSPITAL found in Moka. The nurses are quite patient and not hard.

Because I am so sensitive, I get a lot of pain. Injections and all are quite scary to me but the nurses encouraged me a lot. It was a great experience there. And what I liked the most was the way they took care of baby after she was born. Shower in the morning, they would bring her to me for breastfeeding and whenever you need rest they will take baby in nursery and take care.

So do not be afraid. I have heard about Clinic Darne too found in the upper plateau. I thought it was a little bit more expensive and I did nto really like the bedroom facilities there!

Up to you and good luck

Thanks for your reply.
How much did it cost?
Sounds good, here is goos but a rest would be nice!!! especially just after the baby is born :)

It costs around Rs35,000 for a normal delivery at Apollo Bramwell or around Rs85,000+ for a c-section with a few days stay.

I went to Bramwell and didn't like it, I wouldn't really advise having children in Mauritius though, they are a little old school.

I agree with DISHA.

I delivered my firstborn in Apollo Bramwell a little over 4 months ago, and I have not regretted for one second that I decided to have my baby in Mauritius! The experience I (and my husband) had was good – all 9 months from start to finish. For the delivery we stayed in Apollo from Friday to Monday, and we loved it… it was like  small holiday :) Pleasant staff, professional care, and a wonderful atmosphere – perfect when it was the first time I ever tried giving birth.

I would NOT mind repeating the whole process when I am having my next child!

I had my first baby 7 months ago. Also chose Apollo and loved it. The staff is fine, they took great care of the baby and me too.
The rooms are new, nice, there was a sofa bed for my husband so he could stay with me.
I went to visit Darne too but didnt like it. Too expensive, the rooms tiny and no place for the husband to stay with you. There was no space for another bed in the room.

The normal delivery in Apollo costs 38,500 in Darne 60.000 rs.
The normal delivery but with epidural in Apollo costs 49,500 in Darne 85,000 rs.
Caesarian package in Apollo is 71,500 in Darne 80,000.

Hope it helps :)

Hi I work in hospital Anita .B is right by the way it sometimes depends on the fees of the gynaecologist


Does anyone on the forum have experiences of giving birth in government hospitals? How did you find it?



Thanks for all your responses. At least my mind is at rest.

Hi to all,

My wife and I are planning to have a baby in Mauritius. Does anyone have an idea of how much would cost the entire process including medical expenses of exams, prenatal and etc + the delivery?

I have experience in the government hospital at candos, Vacoas,.  Not child birth though...tbh it's dirty and unhygenic I wouldn't take my dog there. It's cramped and patients are close together. Whilst the clinics can be expensive and don't always guarantee a doctor on site 24hrs...they are generally clean. Do research on hospitals b4 needed!

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