driving lessons and getting a licence in addis

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Could you please help me with information about obtaining a driver's licence in Addis i.e the process and how long it might take....
Also please recommend any good driving schools/ instructors in Addis and the price.

Thank you!!

Hi there,

I have no detailed information about how to obtain in Addis but I know how to obtain in Awassa. The general procedure will be the same but there could be some small differences in different cities. In addition, I am an Ethiopian so I am not sure how it applies to foreign nationals especially there is a written exam which is in amharic. Not sure if they provide exams in English. Here is the general procedure that I know:
1) register to local driving school. this will run up to about 2 weeks.
2) take theoretical exam.
3) Field training for 25 days.
4) take field exam.

After passing 2 and 4 you can obtain the license in less than a week. I am presuming you are asking for automobile license...for other types of licenses the training and the exam is different. 

Hope some one will post with more detail about Addis.

Thank you very much Ethiopiawi. Take care

in addis, to have a licence at this time, it takes atleast 3months cos of alot ppls waiting for it.

so, how much does it cost?

@ lidu > This topic is quite old. If you are looking for driving lessons, you might want to post an ad in the Find or propose classes in Ethiopia section. It might help you.


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If you already have a license you can go to your embassy and have the notarized there, Then you have to fill out the forms. You must also have a vehicle to drive, as there are different weight allowances. You can drive here if you have a license from another country for two months without doing so, but you must have proof of insurance. If you have never driven before I don't really think this would be the place to learn or attempt to learn. Driving here is both and art form, and mortal combat at the same time. It is not for the novice or weak of heart.

You can use your own country licence for one week only,officially..
But you can get Eth licence without a test.
Get pc of licence verified by your embassy here then take it to various eth govt offices....

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