How/can I bring my car from UK to Ethiopia with me?

I am a UK citizen, my father resides in Ethiopia, where he is legally a citizen, i recently visited on a travellers visa for 3 months to stay with family.I am back in UK now and want to travel back, only thing is I have Bought my first car, (a 2001 mercedes c230 kompressor) and would like to bring it across to drive… How would i go about this and what prices am i looking at, knowing it is expensive to buy cars out there and tax is high i am aware of the sting in my wallet it will cost, so if there is anyone who has information and can let me know whats what without sugar coating it,it would be a great help…(the main subject would be cost, and also would selling the vehicle out there be legal / doable)…anyone? thankyou

You can bring the car with normal freight forwarded.In ERCA all the cars have fixed custom duties based in their model and brand.You can check the duty for the car you want to bring on ERCA website by punching in HS code.

I suggest you contact Ethiopian Airlines and try to ship it from Belgium. Lots of empty cargo planes returning to Ethiopia from Liege. Seems not to be too expensive and saves you a lot of hassle as the car will then be in Ethiopia and does not have to go through Djibouti. Good luck

If it is right hand drive for uk, not allowed to import into Eth. Sorry

If lh drive the tax will be around 300% on their valuation not a uk one
Its value here at least 15000 pounds....
Freight rates are ok but everything else is against you...

Unless, of course, you have diplomatic connections, or you start-up a Charity !!

Then again, if his father is an Ethiopian Citizen, then may I suggest, that he gives the money to his father, to buy a 2nd hand car, so he can use it ?

Also car hire is cheap in Addis. I had an old Toyota Auras for 7 days and it cost me under $70 US !!

Otherwise DON'T BOTHER, the expense and paperwork, is horrendous !!

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It is obviouse costs depending on cars CC,Model,Year, etc. Personally i suggest you a litl bit lower CC. But, you need car importing licensed person that you should contact with. I recommend you Mr.M**** contact him and you will find out tax,transporting cost,licenses & banking processes...
Gd luck!
Bahru Yohannes

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Dont even think about it.

Thank you...we are on the way to register on a business directory.

That is a great deal! How did you rent an old Toyota Auras for $10/day? Could you take it out of Addis to travel or only in the city? I have heard that rental cars are limited to the city.

I'm spending a month travelling with my family of four and that would be great! Or even better an old Landcruiser or other 4x4. I don't need a recent model, I need something affordable for up to a month. 

Any idea about renting/buying dual sport/off road motorcycles for a month?

Do you have any contacts that can help me with these needs. We are arriving Dec 20, 2017.

That was for the City only !!
However, it is quite a large extensive City and includes going up the mountain and the Aromia areas.
Sorry, I do not have the contact.

TIA !!
You need to "ask about".......

Hello William,
I have a friend who have a rental car he gave a tour & travel service so if you want that service
this is his contact no 0*** Yonas **

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Could tyagiroohit or Roman Fekade kindly send me the contact details for Mr M''''' or any credible licensed dealer who can import a car for me to Ethiopia from Europe?

Hi Roman,

Why do you need a car in Ethiopia ?

In Addis a car isn't needed, same as in London. Good trams, buses and taxis. Of course you have RHD as well, right ? No good there.

You can import through Djibouti, but that will cost a fortune and take several months.

Just hire a car when you get there. Much much cheaper and better for insurance purposes. Just ask yourself the REAL reason you need to import the RHD Mercedes Benz ?

Going further afield, better to fly.

Also the roads are more accustomed for 4x4 if you want it for exploring north/south etc. Not a 'flashy' old RHD coupe. If there is a mechanical problem or puncture, its virtually impossible to get the parts for that model.


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Dear Roman,

Sorry, the post was meant for TESFAYE.

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