Please read this before your first post

Marhaban (Welcome) on the forum,

Before opening a new topic, please take a few minutes to read some pieces of advice below :rolleyes:

You have been reading the forum for a while and you really would like to post something, whether because you have an interesting story to share or because you have some questions to ask....
don't be shy and go ahead ! ^^
Do not forget that the members who will reply to you will take time to share, exchange, help and participate. So I hope you will remember that when you will be here all settled and you will then be the experienced one who can help  :top:

Before writing :

- Take time to go through the previous posts to make sure that the subject wasn't already covered. Reviving an old topic helps restart the discussion and avoid to multiply the threads on the same subject. :idontagree:

- Smartly select the title of your topic. It has to be clear enough to attract all the persons interested by the subject to participate and answer. :P

- Ask one question at a time. I know that when you want to expatriate, you have ten thousands questions popping but it's more easy to reply to one issue at a time than to have to write a novel just to reply to a post. One could find it intimidating!
You are free to come with more question later. :dumbom:

- And please don't forget to introduce yourself a little!
First because the replies will be more personal whether you will come alone or with a family, whether your kids are babies or teenagers, whether you(re employed, looking for a job or free lance, whether you already came here or not... Etc. :thanks:

It's also much more pleasant to talk to someone than to feel like you are just an information desk. :kiss:

Finally, remember that a forum is a network of human beings.
Behind each nickname, you will find people, reacting with their own views, filters, knowledges, education. Even with the best will, one can be wrong or have a narrow perception on something, or even have personal opinions.
Don't forget to always put everything into perspective ! :blink:

Shukran jazilaan (thanks a lot) wa ashufak ba'din (see you soon)

Another value added post by Olivier ... Very well said :one

I hope that all members including myself will take into consideration all these tips prior writing their posts; I think in this way, we can make the forum more effective and helpful.

Best Regards :)


oliver, i have my own company, and i post a topic of my company and twice the topic deleted!? may i know why?!

Dear Hubail,

A message can be deleted for different reasons but in your case it's probably because it was containing direct advertising. is a community of expats helping each other to settle down in their new country. Whatever is shared here is for free and this is not a place where any company can come and "fish" for expats to sell something to. That's a little bit too easy, first and second it will be annoying very fast to receive commercial offers through the forum.
The moderators are checking the forum to avoid that.

If still you want to give your company some visibility, you can use the classified for instance or contact to advertise with them if you like....

And to make things clear, I'm just a member, I do not work for the site and all my participations are free and made on my free time.
I'm "local animator" because I'm an active member, but I do not moderate the forum at all, even though I will report any inappropriate message.

Hope it helped clarify the matter. If something remains unclear, feel free to come back to me...



Mr Olivier-France 
u r  too  funny :)
thanks alot

Naif99 :

Mr Olivier-France 
u r  too  funny :)
thanks alot

:thanks: Thanks Naif !

I take it as a compliment... Means funny as in "you make me laugh" and not as in "a little weird" :p

Enjoy life in Riffa :D



It would also be good if people checked on Google for example before posting simple questions. I know we are all here to help each other but........

Agree with Josnuggles.

Totally agree with Josnuggles :):P

Aww, thanks guys xx

I realy agree with Olivier, coz in this we need to be sure about what we want to do or ask for something before to type here,
Have a good afternoon every body.

well posted Oliver !

Great advice especially for a newbie like myself. Thanks so much for your informative post..or rather should I say Shukran!

You are welcome :)

Hello everyone. Thanks for the forum. great work

I will follow proper guidelines and rules; its our responsible to follow mentioned guidelines so as to make this forum effective and constructive in the real sense.

cynthiacharles :

I will follow proper guidelines and rules; its our responsible to follow mentioned guidelines so as to make this forum effective and constructive in the real sense.

Thank you for showing your respect on this. So many people either don't read this very good post, or choose to ignore it to the point where we stop answering questions like "what is the cost of living in Bahrain" I hope you enjoy this forum and not only get lots of help and advise but also help others too.

Very Nicely Explained :) :)  :thanks:

Hiii can u pls tell me how much time it takes fr employement visa to come after signing contract wt reputed company..thanks fm princess

You can drop me mail at davidsouzaworld[at] I can suggest and guide you in detail

Yea Kavitha it take time around 2-3 weeks to get your employment visa

Very well said.


Oliver no more with us he was a great man

Hello Tahir,

Its really sad to hear about this, how did it happen? did you know him personally?


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