Getting married in Algeria

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We invite all the ones who got married in Algeria or who are about to get married in Algeria to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Algeria? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Algeria)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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hi! i'm romanian and my boyfriend is algerian, we hope we will get married by the end of the year :) i will tell you what papers you need for a mariage of this type,mariage with a foreign. but i have to warn you that it's not gonna be easy at all,if you get married with an algerian and you decide to live in algeria it's perfect,but if you want to bring your husband/wife back with you in your native country it's very difficult,almost imposible,in spite the fact that you are married. you need lot of patience,you'll face many obstacles :( i don't want to scare you...but it's worth it in the end :heart: ok the papers:passport,id,birth certificate,celibate certificate(a paper that says you are single),medical tests,for my boyfriend was needed his record too and a paper that shows he is algerian citizen,also very important:D from the mayor in the city where he lives you need an approbation to get married,hope i didn't miss something,but to be more sure go to police departament where you are registrated and ask,because in algeria is not all places the same,there are some differences from town to town,and region :D good luck! :happy:

there's more :D all papers have to be translated into french and make copies by all the papers,do no let your original papers,because you will never get it back,in algeria you can make new papers all the time,as many as you want and they don't  understand that we have only one original,so make certified copies to a nottary.bye:D

Thank you for your contribution Micheline! :)

You don't need no translation to get married in Algeria

I have noticed this topic has been inactive for sometime.  I am wondering if anyone has an update on the subject of getting married in Algeria for a British citizen  (man) to and Algerian citizen  (woman).
What are the requirements,  what documents are needed in Algeria. 
Also roughly how long does the process take.
The Algerian consulate in London could not help at all. Their reply was contact Algeria.

Hey I was just wondering if you had got married yet? I'm hoping to get married to my algerian boyfriend next year and was wondering how long your process took and the documents you needed?
Any information would be much appreciated.

I am Indian Muslim male living in Dubai and willing to find & marry Algerian girl. Please advise how I need to proceed.

I can help if you are british and what papers you need your birth certificate, certificate of no impediment, passport and they need to be translated into french
you can send me a message

Be careful.  There is ORGAN TRAFFICKING in Algeria.  You could be killed for this reason alone, and they will get away with it.

Did you get any answers to your questions? I got married in Batna last September.

I'm british married by Imam 1 year ago, now I am in Algeria waiting on the police report to say if we can get married by government.  It's taken nearly 3 months to get this far and it's driving me crazy.  I just want to give up and return home.  Algeria at it's best  slow slow slow....  cockcroaches doing my head in grrrr

There seems to be a lot of hate growing towards Americans.  I don’t feel safe going to a muslim country.  Smiling in your face while stabbing you in the back.  No thanks.

Hi ,Algeria is like any other country good and bad everywhere.  I am very much respected here and my husbands family cant do enough to please me.
I am British Don t look remotely Arab the funny thing is Algerians look more western the women dye they hair blonde wear contacts that make they eyes look blue.
Wear lots of makeup, the men wear Addias clothes.
The shops sell British and American things it's a shame that being  a muslim country stigmatize all Muslims as terrorists.  Only ignorant people can think this way.
Algeria is a beautiful country with blue seas white sand but it's also a boring country.  Nothing to do and yes they sell alcohol smoke take drugs ECT just like any other country.  It's just a shame that beaurocracy in this country is crazy if you don't have anything stamped it's fake..  For me being British I don't understand the reason the government as a say in who you marry.. I love my country but I also love Algeria the people and they way of life...  You more likely to get shot in America than Algeria... :D

“More likely to get shot in America than Algeria.”
Ain’t that the truth!

It certainly is  :P

Marriedinalgeria :

Did you get any answers to your questions? I got married in Batna last September.

Hello there
I would really appreciate if you can help
I want to know how to get married in Algeria for a foreigner

Good day to you.
Honestly it's very long process a lot of paper work.  Tunis is better hassle free and fast.
My husband and I ended up going to tunis.
If you still like to get married in Algeria you must get the correct paperwork.
Certificate of no impediment CNI saying you are free to marry.
Birth certificates full with parents names.
If you been married before divorce papers
Copy of passports.
Make copies of all papers many copies.
2 recent pics.
If not in arabic or French you need to get them translated.
Everything must be stamped.
You will need to go to the walaya with all papers
You will be interviewed by the police, you and your other half.
We waited nearly 3 months for the police in Algie capital to say If we could get married.
Ended up going to tunis, took all documents.
Went to a notair in tunis  he did every thing for us. We married in 2 weeks.
I wish you all the best in your decision.
For us it was time and money.
Visas ect as I am not algerian.

Tunis papers
Birth certificates full
Blood tests.
2 recent photos
Took marriage certificate to the algerian embassy in tunis
Give hubby marriage book in 5 days.
I hope this help.
Good luck

What part of Algeria are you living?

I am in Annaba , where are you living.

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