Question about American expat man marrying a Mexican woman

Hello...I am moving to Mexico in the next few months (as soon as I can make it happen)..I am going through a divorce after being married 30 years. I am 55 years old. I plan to live a very simple life in Mexico, preferring not to live in a predominantly "expat type" area. I am wondering about the attitude of Mexican women concerning marrying an american expat, etc. I speak passable Spanish and with a little practice will get back up to speed fairly quickly. Any input and general info will be appreciated.

Hello, my name is Abby (us citizen), I am 45 and have been living in rural Mexico with my 35 yr old husband for the past 5 years. I have encoutered no negative response from Mexicans, male or female, in regards to anything really. The only things anyone has been much interested in is the status of Felipes paper's and why I don't have children. Good luck to you, Abby

Hello Billy. Mexico is a very diverse country so you can find many types of women. What is very important is that you find someone who would take care of you and love you for what you are. Unfortunately, we're facing a very serious crisis and (like in many other countries), some girls are just looking for a relationship with foreign men in order to improve their financial status. Do not let people think that you're wealthy, try to be serious about your situation and thell them you do not plan to live in the States (this will discourage potential cheat-ladies who might see you as their free ticket to the American dream).

Hello Billy. I'm mexican married with an American guy. We got married in USA but my husband loves Mexico and he wanted to live here for a while,so we just moved to DF. What the bluedeer is saying is very true,you have to be careful with cheeters that just want the American dream. But in the other hand, you can find a very lovely wife that is going to take care of you for the rest of your life a person that doesn't care where you are going to live in the future or what you have to offer her financially speaking.
But you need a smart and honest woman,so you have to be smart and honest as well.Here you will find very pretty women's ,you need to know if you want just a pretty women or a pretty,honest and smart women.
We like foreign men because we like that majority of foreign men are less " machistas" that Mexican men ,
They appreciate better women And they don't expect women do everything for them. I like that..
So my advice is go out, meet people,feel comfortable in the city(people is very nice and warm)go trough your divorce, take your time and when you feel that your divorce is the past,start trying with a new relationship.
I wish you the best. I'm here without my permanent residence in USA,but I came back because I love my husband and I will supporting him in his dreams,so im sure you will find a faithful and beautiful inside out Mexican woman!!

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