Room in Barcelona - Cerdanyola del Valles


I about to move to Barcelona and I am looking for room Cerdanyola del Valles. I know this area is located near my workplace however looking on Websites I cant find anything. :(

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Hello Mayais and welcome to!

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I may invite you to post an advert in accommodation section, this may help.;)


Are you going to work at ACS? If so I can ask a few people I know that work there?

Hi Mayais,

Can you tell me if Cerdanyola Del Valles was a good place to live?

My girlfriend is studying at UAB soon, and we're deciding whether to live in Cerdanyola Del Valles or in Barcelona city. Can you tell me if there is anything interesting about Cerdanyola Del Valles like good places to walk in the nature, cool cafes and restaurants, nice streets to explore, or anything else that makes that place nice to live?


The Barcelona classifieds does not work!!... for me anyway... cannot get in there...
John Barnard

Hello :cheers:

@John Barnard : Try this link to our Housing section below :

Hope this helps :top:


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