New question: What are the good areas in Barcelona?

What area should we choose to rent an appt if we are planning to live with kids? It would be nice find an area where it is safe, affordable and not too far from everything else(i mean the center)))))Thank you friends!

I guess it depends on how you define safe and affordable.

We are renting a place right in the centre of the Ciutat vella, we've only been living here for a about a month, but we love it.

How old are your kids, we have a 6 year old who is looking for friends. :)

Hi there,

I have a 6 year old daughter who is half Catalan and half Scottish. Maybe we could meet sometime, so that the kids could play together.


Hi Nuria,

That sounds good- We'll send you a message with our phone number/email/etc. and hopefully we can arrange something.




We are looking for an apartment to rent in the fall for month.  Can anyone tell me if Barceloneta is a good spot to light for a month?  Other recommendations?  We plan to explore the city AND the general area.  Gracias!

i too am interested in the better areas to live, i dont have kids but im moving there in January for a year and just need a room, what areas of the city are the best to live in on a small salary?? (going to be teaching through TESOL)

I prefer El Raval, Eixample and Ciutat Vella. They are nice districts and we'll situated. You can do everything by walk. You can find a room for less than 300 euros per month in those districts.
I wish you a wonderful year in Barcelona!  :)

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