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Finding accommodation will be a key issue pertaining to your relocation in Lima. Here is how to proceed.

Relocating in Lima requires appropriate planning as it is not only the Peruvian capital city but also the biggest city with a population of some 8 million inhabitants. Still, Lima can be the ideal place to settle, thanks to its dynamism and the numerous opportunities it provides. Due to the large demand of housing, you should not have much trouble in finding your new home. But in all cases, you have to patient enough before finding the one which best suits your needs and budget. Note that rent prices tend to be higher in Lima than in other major cities.


First of all, you are advised to make a list of criteria so as to ease your housing search. Besides the surface area, you should also determine in which neighborhood you would prefer to settle, especially if you are moving the with your family. Note that security should be one of the key factors to consider as a few neighborhoods are deemed to be unsafe due to frequent robbery.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that accommodation in Lima will not necessarily be like what you were used to in your home country, especially if you come from Europe and North America. Hence, be careful about furnished and unfurnished housing units as you might be surprised. But in all cases, housing units in Lima can be quite comfortable, often more than what you can find in other regions.

 Good to know:

Like in many major cities, you are more likely to find apartments rather than houses in Lima, especially in and around the city-center. However, since a few years, the real estate market has been developing so as to make place for studios and smaller apartments for smaller budgets and individuals.


The most popular neighborhoods in Lima are, namely, Miraflores, San Isidro, Surco, La Molina, Monterrico, Chacarilla and Barranco, each one of these having specific features. Miraflores, for instance, is the ideal neighborhood if you wish to live by the sea. San Isidro, for its part, is a financial center, hosting several banks and other companies. In fact, most expatriates living in Lima have settled in San Isidro thanks to the facilities it provides.

Surco, de La Molina and Monterrico, for their part, are closer to the foreign high schools. These will be more appropriate for you if you have children. On the other hand, a few neighborhoods which are found in the city-center and around the outskirts are not recommended for security reasons.

Rent prices

To rent a studio in Lima, you will need an average of 1,000 to 1,700 new Peruvian soles a month. Or course, like in any other city, rent prices vary from one neighborhood to another. Hence, for a bigger housing unit, such as a three-bedroom house, you will need an average of 2,700 new Peruvian soles in the city-center and around 2,200 new Peruvian soles in other neighborhoods.

Find accommodation

As Lima is one of the major Peruvian cities, the demand for accommodation is quite high. This is particularly why most expatriates prefer to seek the assistance of real estate agencies. In fact, these can be found anywhere across the city. But you can also browse offers on the Internet thanks to several housing websites which, however, are in Spanish. The same applies to classified ads in local newspapers.

Your housing search in Lima can between two weeks and a month. So in the meantime, why not stay in a serviced-apartment which you can pay on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? In general, serviced-apartments consist of two rooms, which can be comfortable enough for a short stay. These also provide laundry and maintenance services.

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