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Argentina's public health system is accessible to everyone. But you are advised to subscribe to a health insurance before traveling.

Health care in Argentina is often very good quality and is performed by trained medical staffs. However, the level of care often depends on the social protection system you are covered by. 

The Argentine health care system is divided into three main organs: the public system, the private system and the "obras sociales" system operated by several health funds for employees.

In general, the public system is available to all. It provides free care in accredited hospitals. However, waiting times for care, treatment or surgery are rather long and the quality of treatment can be very random.

The private system covers nearly 2 million Argentines. It is operated through private insurers who generally provide good health care coverage. Private hospitals are often better equipped, and the level of care is often superior.

The system "obras sociales" is a system operated by health insurance funds for employees.

For more information about the national health system in Argentina, please refer to the website of the ANSES (Administracion Nacional de la Seguridad Social ") at www.anses.gov.ar. Foreigners in Argentina may, in some cases, register with one of the above mentionned systems.

If there is no social security agreement between your country and Argentina, it is strongly advised to take out private insurance before your departure. An expat health insurance is all the more necessary because health care costs can turn out to be very expensive in the country. 

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  Good to know:

Depending on your location in Argentina, you may not have access to the same levels of care. In most remote areas, far from main urban centers, level of medical equipment in hospitals can be very limited.

  Referral hospitals in Buenos Aires:

Hospital Aleman,
Pueyrredon 1640
Tel. : (54.11) Fax: (54.11.)

Pueyrredon 1461
Tel. : (54.11) Fax: (54.11.) 

Hospital Italiano
Gascón 450 (C1181ACH)
Buenos Aires
Tel. : (54.11) 

  Emergency numbers in Argentina:

Police: 101
Medical Emergencies: 107
Fire brigades: 100

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