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For most expats, especially those moving over for work, Auckland will be the port of call. It is the biggest city in New Zealand by far, and much of this is to do with the fact that it is the home of most of the country’s international businesses. Given the prevalence of so many multinationals, it should be relatively straightforward for skilled expats to find a job in Auckland.

Auckland's economy

Auckland is a rich and prosperous city, with the country's most favorable business climate. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to over NZ$80 billion in 2015, which is nearly 37% of the GDP for the entire country. It is ranked among the hundred most powerful economies in the world. The unemployment rate for the city is 4.7%, lower than the national rate, and wages are quite high – the average worker is left with around NZ$3,850 per month after taxes.

Auckland's primary sectors of the moment are tech, commercial services, and food and beverage. Secondary and tertiary sectors like tourism, screen and creative, construction, and international education also make a significant contribution to the economy. The city also hosts many multinational companies from all industries.

The CBD is the city’s financial services location. Auckland's largest industrial and commercial areas are located in the southeast of the city and the harbour area of Manukau. Most maritime and commercial activities are centralised in that region. In the south, you will find sales and service companies, some of which specialise in industry and technology. The North Shore is home to many large office complexes, skyscrapers and hotels.

Find a job

Because Auckland is made up of so many international businesses, the chances of an inner company transfer or being hired from abroad are a bit more likely here. It’s worth getting in touch with global companies, or speaking to your HR department if you already work for one to see about transferring. Going to industry hosted networking events is also a good way to help get your foot in the door.

Otherwise, local and international job-search sites are going to be a good bet. Recruitment agencies are also very prevalent in Auckland and anxious to help match qualified candidates with employers.

If you’re looking for more short term work, the tourism, hospitality, and service industries are good places to start, as are temping agencies. Hostels, notice boards, and word-of-mouth are good ways to learn about these opportunities.

You can find employment in Auckland in various sectors if you have the qualifications and skills required by the labor market. The multinational companies represent a real job pool for expatriates. You can apply for a job in companies like Montana Group, Watties, Fonterra, among others.

You can also find a job in the fields of finance, insurance, information and communication technology, real estate and construction. The airport sector, shipyard and tourism are also looking for foreign expertise. Regarding the education field, you can get hired by public or private schools as a French language teacher if you have the training and skills.

Seasonal jobs are also available for those looking for extra income.

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