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If you are considering spending some time in Australia, but not making a permanent move, then please be aware of the following visa types. These are the options for shorter term stays in Australia, for various visitation or tourism purposes.

Australia offers a wide range of visas for temporary and permanent stays, so it is important to obtain the correct visa before arrival into the country. Processing times for visas can also vary greatly, so ensure you have enough time before your planned arrival to obtain the correct visa type for your visit.

Tourist visa

There are two common tourist visas, the Visitor Visa and the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa. The Visitor Visa allows entry to Australia for business or tourism purposes for a duration of three, six, or twelve months. The ETA Visa is similar, but offers multiple entry/exits in and from Australia for up to a one-year duration. Both visa types are issued before arrival and are often applied for and processed electronically, so a visit to the consulate is usually not required.

Investor retirement visa

If you would like to retire in Australia, you can apply for an Investment Retirement Visa. This visa is recommended for new applicants, over the age of 55, who want to invest in Australia after retirement. The retirement visa is valid for a period of ten years, and applicants must provide evidence of sufficient funds to live in the country.

Once the visa has been obtained, you can enter and exit the county as needed, and you can also undertake work or study. Note, however, that this is a temporary visa that does not allow you to obtain permanent residence in the country or Australian citizenship.

Medical treatment visa

If you need medical treatment in Australia, if you are accompanying a patient, or if you want to donate an organ, you can apply for a visa that allows you to undergo medical treatment, or to support a patient. You can make your request within or outside the country. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for the duration of treatment.

New Zealand citizens and partners visa

A special visa type exists for New Zealand citizens who wish to live and work in Australia. This visa type also applies to those who are a partner of a New Zealand citizen, and remains valid as long as you continue to hold citizenship of New Zealand.

Extend your stay

If your visa comes to an end and you want to stay longer in Australia, it is best to consult the Department of Immigration, or an immigration agency, for further information about what options might be available.

It is important to note that visa requirements can change, so always consult the Department of Immigration before planning a trip to Australia. Australia has strict immigration procedures, and those who arrive without the appropriate authorisation and travel documents might be denied entry into the country. Most visas have an application fee attached, and some visas might require a medical examination and/or character references.

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