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If you wish to settle in a calm and peaceful Mexican city, San Miguel de Allende is one of the best places to be. But what about work?

Located in the center of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is known to be a small and peaceful city with a rich artistic, cultural and historical heritage. Thus, it has been attracting thousands and thousands of foreigners over the years, particularly senior citizens who have chosen to retire there. San Miguel de Allende is also a popular tourist destination for its rich architecture, its colorful lifestyle, among others.

But what about working there? In fact, San Miguel de Allende is a developing region, consisting mainly of tourism infrastructure projects. Hence, finding a job there may not be as easy as in other Mexican cities.

Labor market

You are more likely to be hired in the tourism and hospitality fields in San Miguel de Allende. But jobs are also available in the arts and foreign language teaching fields. In fact, English-speaking foreigners have more chances of being hired in various fields, provided they have the required qualifications and competencies of course. You can apply for a job not only in schools and language teaching institutes but also in call centers.

Moreover, artists are the most welcome in San Miguel de Allende's creative and colorful environment. They are authorized to work on obtaining necessary permits.


Foreigners wishing to set up a business in San Miguel de Allende have to obtain related authorizations and permits. This also applies to artists and any other commercial or profitable activity. Note, however, that conditions can be quite strict. You are less likely to obtain required permits if your activity field is accessible to Mexican citizens.

Cost of living

A monthly US$ 2,500 salary may be enough for a couple to live comfortably in San Miguel de Allende. This should include your monthly rent, whether for a furnished or unfurnished accommodation, as well as your monthly local shopping. You will spend more if you prefer to use imported products. Hence, you must have higher wages.


Life in San Miguel de Allende can be quite different from that in other Mexican cities. In fact, it mainly revolves around tourism and artistic activities, thus more folk.

Some regions are currently developing due to ongoing modern and luxurious real estate property projects. This is what mostly attracts retired senior citizens as well as US and Canadian citizens wishing to invest in high-class accommodation.

San Miguel de Allende is also a very socially active city, consisting of museums, restaurants, pub and clubs, as well as places of interest. Moving there, whether to work or to enjoy your retirement can be a unique experience.

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