Working in San Miguel de Allende


Located in the centre of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is a small city with a rich artistic, cultural, and historical heritage. It has attracted thousands of foreigners over the years, particularly senior citizens who have chosen to retire there.

San Miguel de Allende is also a popular tourist destination because of its temperate climate, peaceful atmosphere, and Spanish-colonial architecture.

But what about working there? San Miguel de Allende is a developing region, consisting mainly of tourism infrastructure projects. Therefore, finding a job there may not be as easy as in other Mexican cities.

Labour market

You are most likely to be hired in the tourism or hospitality fields in San Miguel de Allende. Jobs are also widely available in foreign language teaching. Because of so many foreigners in this popular expat community, there may be more competition for teaching jobs, so having some prior experience will work in your favour.

Moreover, artists are welcome in San Miguel de Allende's creative and colourful environment. They are authorized to work on obtaining the necessary permits, but no permission is needed to simply produce art that won’t be sold in Mexico. Here is more information about the work visa for Mexico.

Cost of living in San Miguel de Allende

A monthly salary of $2,000 USD may be enough for a couple to live comfortably in San Miguel de Allende. This includes your monthly rent, whether in furnished or unfurnished accommodations, as well as your monthly grocery shopping. Fresh, quality ingredients for cooking at home are quite affordable, as well as dining in local restaurants.


Life in San Miguel de Allende can be quite different from in other Mexican cities. In fact, it mainly revolves around tourism and artistic activities.

Some areas in San Miguel de Allende are currently developing rapidly due to ongoing modern and luxurious real estate projects. This is what mostly attracts retired senior citizens as well as U.S. and Canadian citizens wishing to invest in high-class accommodation.

San Miguel de Allende is also a socially active city with its many museums, restaurants, cafés, and pubs. Moving there, whether to work or to enjoy retirement, can be a unique and fulfilling experience.

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