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flying to Quebec, you should know which products are authorised and which products are forbidden. Here is an overview.

The products below are authorised in Canada up to the indicated limit:

  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 g of tobacco and 200 tobacco sticks for passengers over 18
  • Alcohol: 1.14 litres of spirits or 1.5 litres of wine or 24 bottles of beer (8.5 litres) for passengers over 18
  • Perfume: a reasonable quantity

Dangerous products

The import of firearms is strictly regulated. Non-residents must declare their firearm when entering Canada or request a possession permit. Certain weapons are forbidden even if you have a valid permit. This is the case for certain kinds of knives, of knuckles, of sticks, of billies and other accessories like mufflers.

In order to import explosives, certain kinds of ammunition and pyrotechnic devices, you must obtain a permit from the Explosives Regulatory Division.

Any obscene material, article of hateful propaganda, and child pornography are forbidden.

Animal and vegetal products

If you come from another country except for the USA, you are not allowed to bring meat, milk or dirt into Canada. However, beach sand, cheese, candies, pastries, dried or frozen or canned fruits and vegetables, dried and cut flowers and herbs, spices and souvenirs in wood without the bark are allowed. They are also subject to limits. For more information, check the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Do not forget to check with the embassy of Canada regarding your pet, as animals coming from certain countries must be put in quarantine on arrival. You will find more information about this in the article "Moving to Quebec with your pet".

Consumption Products

Certain consumption products like car seats, beds, clothes and toys are regulated. Others are forbidden. For further information, check the Health Canada website.

Used or second-hand mattresses must have a certificate proving the mattress was cleaned, disinfected and fumigated.

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