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Like most Canadian cities, Quebec also has a wide transport network. Discover this province's transport networks with Expat.com.

Traveling will be part of your everyday life is you are moving to Quebec. Find all that you need to know about the local transport network in this article. 

If you are planning to move to Quebec, you will probably have queries regarding the local transport network. The railway and air transport are the main means to come to Quebec. You can also opt for more economical options to travel from one region to another.

Trains in Quebec

Quebec has 6,645 km of railways used for both goods and passengers. Inter-regional transportation is carried out by the Federal VIA Rail Canada. A journey of 1,000 km from Montreal to Gaspé, for example, usually takes fourteen hours. It is however difficult to find a train from Quebec to Montreal after 6pm. Montreal has then a network of commuter trains in the different suburbs operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Agency.

Traveling by air in Quebec

There are two kinds of networks for air transport. The upper network and the local network include 43 airports offering scheduled services on a daily basis. Three of these airports are located in major urban centers, seven of them serve distant regional centers while thirty-three others provide services in remote or isolated communities. Three international airports also provide regular transit of passengers and goods.

Before traveling, websites such as Access to Travel can be useful: this is indeed an information desk. You will find information on different transportation services as well as on tourism in Canada to facilitate travel. The website was developed by Transport Canada in collaboration with other federal departments, provincial governments and non-profit associations.

Bus and subway in Quebec

The Sociéte de transport de Montréal serves not only Montreal but also the nearby towns. The surface network offers 155 lines and only twenty operating at night. On each bus stop, you will find a sign mentioning a phone number you can call to find out when the next bus is coming. The website also offers a search engine called Azimut which calculates the most appropriate time and combination for your trip.

Other companies such as Greyhound, Orleans Express and Grayline also provide public transport services.

Carpooling in Quebec

Carpooling is a more economical way to travel across Quebec. A single person wishing to travel by car to another town in Quebec can subscribe to a carpooling center. The center will find other people also willing to travel to the same destination. To benefit from this service, you will have to pay an annual contribution as well as a participation in transports costs which will be determined by the company.

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