Hi I'm Amy - Q about Customs vs SAAQ

Hi everyone,

I live in Rigaud near Montreal in Quebec. My family has been here since May this year. We are still trying to understand how to plate our vehicle. Customs told us we don't need to import since we have a work visa. The SAAQ in Quebec is telling us we have to get an inspection (add daytime running lights) and pay the fees to import before we get a plate. I'm confused. Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to sharing and connecting with others.

I lot of these confusing hoops you are asked to jump through will end up giving you knowledge of Canada. All the questions you are asking are available online from the various Canadian government levels.

If your vehicle was made in the USA, AND it can pass Transport Canada rules, (not all US cars are capable of that) can be imported to Canada without duty. However, duty is not sales tax or GST/QST ..normally charged on every item by both the Canadian federal government and the provincial government concerned. These taxes are collected by the retalier selling to you, by the customs people, or by automobile registration bureaus (the authorities will tell you the value the tax will be charged upon).  I believe you will only be liable for QST, not GST. That will be 10% of their wholesale value of the vehicle less 500$.  i.e. 10000-500 = 9500 x 10% = 950 plus your annual road fees.

As well, your car must be examined (at your cost) to see if it is road worthy under Quebec law. This is a one time check in Quebec, but many provinces have  annual checkups. The registration bureau will give you a number of places you can go for this in your area. The registration bureau will also want proof of insurance.

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