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Obtaining a phone and Internet connection is a must nowadays. Here is how to proceed in Sweden.

If you have settled in Sweden, you will probably want to keep in touch with your friends and family abroad. One of your priorities will be to obtain a phone line and an Internet connection. This should not be complicated as the country hosts several phone and Internet service providers offering attracting packages for everyone.

To date, the telecommunications market is shared by Teliasonera, Telenord and Tele2. These also provide cable TV in a single bundle along with land line and Internet. But make sure to inquire on the different bundles and compare prices before signing up.


The Swedish telecommunications market is regulated within a framework. In fact, expatriates must have lived in the country for at least six months to be eligible to a phone and Internet connection. If you qualify, you may visit the office of your preferred service provider with the following documents:

  • your resident permit
  • your Personnummer (obtained from the Tax Agency)
  • your European passport
  • proof of address.

Note, however, that most accommodations already have an Internet connection, and in some cases, a land line. But to obtain a mobile phone number, you will have to be patient.

 Good to know:

Some of the Swedish urban areas, from Stockholm to Göteborg, are entitled to the whole of Europe's most rapid Internet networks.

Sweden hosts one of best 4G networks in the West.

Once you have signed the subscription contract, you are allowed to cancel it within 14 days upon presentation of the contract documents and bills issued on the signature date.

Mobile phones

As elsewhere in Europe, you may choose between a monthly post paid line and a prepaid package.

In case you wish to use your foreign phone number on your arrival in Sweden, make sure to inquire on related fees and other conditions from your service provider. In most cases, communication rates will be higher.

 Useful links: – Sweden Telecommunications Forum 
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