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 St Petersburg he Northern capital, as Russians call it, and Moscow’s eternal competitor for cultural and economical influence, has been attracting foreigners from all around the world for decades. To date, the Federal Immigration Service has registered some 16,920,805 foreigners in this city. In fact, St Petersburg offers various opportunities to young graduates and professionals trying to find a job there.


St Petersburg is known for hosting the country's biggest trade port, thus facilitating trade and communication between the city and the rest of the world. Other fields, such as information and communication technology and industry, also make a significant contribution to the city's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Among these, you will find Scania, Continental AG, General Motors, Rothman, Unilever, Japan Tobacco, SEB, Gillette, Coca-Cola, Wrigley, LMZ, etc.

The city also specialises in other fields such as ship building, machine tools, electronics designed for aerospace, aviation, and the construction of nuclear submarines and icebreakers. Moreover, St Petersburg hosts the famous Baltika, a property of Carlsberg and Scottish & Newcastle, Russia's biggest and Europe's second most important brewery.

If you are looking for a job in St Petersburg, consider sending spontaneous applications to one of these firms if you are qualified in these particular fields. Note that salaries will be significantly lower than in Moscow. 

Find a job

Inter-company transfers remain a effective way to find a job. Hence, you may apply for a job if your company has or intends to open a subsidiary in St Petersburg. Otherwise, word of mouth can help if you have friends or contacts in the city.

You may also check out classified ads in local newspapers and check out job offers on the internet.

Finally, registering with a recruitment agency may help you find a job which matches your profile more easily.

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