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It is recommended that you inquire on the Portuguese lifestyle before moving there. Find some practical information in this article.

Moving to a foreign country definitely means discovering a new culture and history, as well as a new lifestyle. In fact, you will have to adapt to a whole new environment if you are moving to Portugal. Hence, it is better to be aware of the Portuguese lifestyle beforehand so that you will not find it difficult once you are there.

What you have to know, above all, is that Portuguese nationals are friendly, hospitable, open minded and generous. But it is important to comply with their customs and traditions if you wish to earn their consideration.


In general, Portuguese have their own notion of time and punctuality. They are far from being lazy although life there is not as hectic as in many other European countries. You will never find them in a hurry, running here and there. You just have to be observant and understand their daily pace of life.

Portuguese culture

Mingling with the Portuguese culture will definitely help you in understanding its population's lifestyle. Portuguese families love receiving foreign guests and when tourists visit their cities or villages. So if you wish to be taken into consideration, it would be wise that you show a real interested about integrating their culture. Feel free to question them on their history, habits or other events, even if your main purpose is to interact.

In fact, Portuguese are famous for their open mindedness. But be careful not to mix between Portuguese and Spanish.


Religion is also an important aspect of the Portuguese culture and lifestyle. To date, 85% of its population is of catholic faith and keeps following rites and celebrating religious festivals. You will note that most churches are full on Sunday mornings and Portuguese like ending their week in a spiritual way. Note that Portuguese are also very open and tolerant towards other religions. So you should not have any trouble in practicing your faith there.


Portuguese families have greatly changed with modernization. However, they have managed to preserve their inter-generation unity. You can then find parents, children and grand-parents still living all together.

If you have opted for home stay in Portugal, you are likely to be having lunch with them around 2 pm and diner around 8 pm.


Apart from its architectural, historical and cultural treasures, Portugal also has another traditional heritage. We are here talking about the Fado which is a musical genre qualified as the world's saddest melody by purists. The Fado, in fact, allies sadness to melancholy, bringing nostalgia to musical events.

However, the Fado is far from being the only Portuguese musical style. Indeed, you can dedicate one night to a bar where you will be able to enjoy different music styles in a convivial atmosphere.

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