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Expatriates in Luxembourg can access to a range of means of transport, namely buses, trains, taxis, etc. They can even rent a car or a bike.

Various means of transports are available in Luxembourg. Find out more about these in this article.

If you are moving to Luxembourg, you must probably be wondering how to go to work, shopping, visiting around, etc. There is nothing to worry about. Public transport is easily accessible in the country thanks to its developed network. In fact, most cities have their own bus companies and railway lines that link them to one another along with covering most neighborhoods. Therefore, you just have to choose which means of transport best suits your needs according to the purpose of your trip and your budget.

Besides, you can have information on transport schedules, rates, etc., on the Mobilitéitz Zentral website

 Good to know:

Public transport is free of charge during one to three days for those who have purchased the Luxembourg Card. You can have more information on this card at the information office located at the Luxembourg station.


There are four types of bus networks in Luxembourg: the RGTR which covers the whole country, the TICE (Syndicat des Tramways Intercommunaux du Canton d’Esch-sur-Alzette) which includes nine municipalities in the Terres Rouges region, the AVL (Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg) which serves Luxembourg City in particular, and the CityBus network, which will allow you to travel rapidly and flexibly within communes beyond fixed schedules.

Some municipalities also provide a Late Night Bus service. This service is especially ideal for nightlife lovers as it allows them to go home safely anytime at night upon request. The Night Rider, for its part, requires advance booking and serves other municipalities as well.

Finally, school buses are offered free of charge by municipalities to primary schools. As regards secondary schools, these are entitled to more than 700 buses daily. All students receive a student card on joining school. This card allows them to travel free of charge between home and school.


Train service in Luxembourg is provided by the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL). In fact, the country has a very developed network, including international trains. Cross-border trains are also provided by neighboring countries' national train companies. Thus, the capital city is linked to major cities such as Trèves, Brussels, Liege, Metz and Nancy. Luxembourg is also served by the East-European train (TGV) network.

Cross-border workers

Every day, some 145,000 cross-border workers go to work in Luxembourg. Therefore, an appropriate transport network was required to link Luxembourg to neighboring countries such as Germany, Belgium and France on week days. Hence, transport services between these countries and Luxembourg are provided by Luxembourg's national transport system.

Cross-border workers traveling to Luxembourg by car are also entitled to relay car parks (P R) that have been building around the borders. You can have more information on these on the Mobilitéitz Zentral website.


You can also find many taxis in Luxembourg, especially in city-centers, near trains stations and the airport. You can either make an advance booking by phone or hire a taxi from a taxi stand. However, you cannot hire a taxi in the streets as these are compelled to start their trip as from their reserved locations.

If you wish to book a taxi, feel free to browse online phone directories or the National Tourism Office.


Luxembourg authorities have been promoting sustainable mobility and the diversification of transports for a few years. Hence, a highly intensive national cycle network has been set up across the country. Moreover, you can find bike rental terminals country, particularly in Luxembourg City. Esch-sur-Alzette, for its part, provides a free biking service.

Note that you can park your bike anytime in special bike parks that have been set up near train stations whenever you have to travel by public means of transport. To access to this service, you have to register with the MBox. Fees of 20 euros apply and these are refundable.

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