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Rome is a popular destination for expats. Italy’s capital city is full of history, art, and culture, and it is also home to a number of multi-national corporations, as well as plenty of language schools, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and hotels offering opportunities for expats. It is a great place for expats to discover an entirely new way of life.

Neighbourhoods in Rome

Rome is a big city and caters for all different kinds of appetites, from those seeking some peace and quiet in the suburbs, to those looking for a more active lifestyle in the city’s inner quarters. When researching which areas you like best, be mindful of transportation links. Popular districts include:

  • Trastevere - a picture-perfect district across the River Tiber, with a wealth of bars and restaurants
  • Testaccio - formerly Rome’s working-class district best known for some of the best offal restaurants in the city. The district is still a bit gritty but it is popular amongst expats and students who are keen to discover the real Rome
  • Aventino - a picturesque district in the historic centre and home to some of Rome’s most important churches
  • Monteverde - away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this leafy suburb is perfect for expats seeking some tranquillity within easy reach of the centre.

It is possible to rent an apartment in the historic centre, although owning a car is not a great idea, and apartments are often cramped.

Types of accommodation in Rome

Most of Rome’s accommodation is in apartment buildings, with the ground floor reserved for commercial use (restaurants, bakers, greengrocers etc.). Some may feature balconies or small terraces and some may have elevators. Unsurprisingly, expats will get more value for their money the further from the historic centre they are.

Finding accommodation in Rome

As with finding accommodation in the rest of the country, it is advisable to do some research online first. Websites such as Wanted in Rome, Trovacase , Immobiliare and Subito are good places to start your search.

The classified ads in Porta Portese also feature the latest properties for rent/sale. Check the notice boards outside institutions and council buildings as they often detail properties for rent and sale, along with other news from the district.

If you are a student looking for an apartment in Rome, check with your institution for available rooms or use a website database such as Erasmus to find available rooms. Room sharing amongst students is widely common in Italy, use a search tool like Roomeez or Roomster for a database of available rooms.

You should consider using a real estate agency if you are having trouble finding somewhere suitable. They are often able to show you properties before or as soon as they become available on the market, although fees are extremely high. Popular estate agencies in Rome include Agenzia Regilla Immobiliare, Acropoli SRL and Daniela Genesi.

Renting accommodation in Rome

Generally, rental leases in Italy are valid for a minimum of four years but given Rome’s popularity as a hub for foreigners and students, it is possible to get shorter term contracts. Note that these are usually more expensive.

The most common types of contract in Rome are the Contratto di Libero Mercato (an agreement between tenant and landlord which lasts for four years) and the Contratto di Convenzione (an agreement between tenant and landlord which lasts for three years, with the option to renew for a further two years.

 Good to know:

Some landlords will include water and electricity in the rental price, so check with your landlord before you move in.

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