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Rome, Italy's capital city, has a wide range of accommodation options for those who prefer to rent. Purchasing a real estate property can be quite complicated.

Moving to Rome can be a unique experience, whether you are going there to work or study. But if you are settling there, finding accommodation will be one of your priorities. This can be quite difficult given the scarcity of accommodation offers like in many big cities across the globe. Thus, rent and sale prices can be quite high. You can still find a range of apartments and houses, as well as flat sharing offers which are quite widespread in Rome.

If you intend to purchase a real estate property there, you will need to fill in some administrative formalities involving additional costs.

 Good to know:

You will mostly find short term accommodation offers in Rome, which are most appropriate for students, interns and temporary workers.

Student accommodation

Students are advised to search for accommodation close to their university campus. In fact, most universities in Rome can offer accommodation facilities such as rooms and dormitories. Make sure to inquire on all additional costs which may not be included in the rent. Note, moreover, that official written contracts are rare. But you can still insist on that point.

Flat sharing

You are also likely to find apartments, studios, hotel rooms, etc., in Rome. In case you are finding it difficult to find an appropriate accommodation, you can even turn to convents. But flat sharing remains the most common practice in the Italian capital city. In fact, flat sharing not only entitles you to a different and more relax lifestyle but also to make savings in terms of rent and other expenses.

Students, as well as young professionals, often tend to choose flat sharing rather that rent an apartment or a house on their own. Flat sharing offers are numerous on specialized websites as in classified ads in local newspapers. Furthermore, sharing the same roof as a Roman citizen can be very advantageous. You will thus have the opportunity to learn more about the Italian language and culture.

Buy real estate property

It is better to register with a real estate agency if you prefer to buy a real estate property in Rome. In fact, you will have to fill in related formalities with the help of a lawyer before a public notary. These formalities include, among others, establishing a full-fledged contract, registering the purchase transaction with the Real Estate Registry and informing tax and municipal authorities. Note that real estate agencies will request a commission which is generally equal to 1 to 4% of the purchase price.

 Good to know:

Lawyer fees amount to some 2% of the purchase price while registration fees amount to 4% of same. You will also have to pay a registration tax amounting to 4% of the purchase price and Value Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 20%. As regards property tax, it amounts to 0.4 to 0.7% of the total value.

Find accommodation

It is highly recommended that you start your accommodation search well before confirming your move to Rome, that is a few months in advance. You can check out accommodation offers on the internet and in classified ads in local newspapers. But if you are already on the spot, you can tour the different neighborhoods in order to identify vacant housing. ''To let'' or ''In affitto'' signs are usually displayed on balconies and near windows.

If you prefer to go through a real estate agency, you could have to wait at least three months before signing the lease documents.


Make sure to be acquainted with the neighborhood before choosing accommodation. Make sure that the latter is close to a subway station as road traffic may be restricted in some neighborhoods. These zones are known as ''Traffico limitato''.

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