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If you are moving to Heredia, one of Costa Rica's major cities, here are some tips to help you land a job.

Located in the North-west of San Jose, the province of Heredia is divided into 10 cantons. Its capital city bears the same name, just like San Jose and Santa Ana, which are other major Costa Rican cities. Heredia is the country's smallest but most densely populated city, with some 450,000 inhabitants, that is around 11.35% of the country's population.

Heredia can be proud of its real colonial tradition that includes a rich popular culture and folklore which you can discover and enjoy during your stay in the region.


Heredia has a diversified economy that was formerly specialized in the cultivation of coffee. Nowadays, other more modern sectors such as real estate (residential, commercial and industrial), have become its major economic pillars. Agriculture, thanks to the cultivation of coffee, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, citrus fruits, beans, mushrooms, sugar cane and livestock, etc., also make a significant contribution to its economy.

The city also hosts several transnational and multinational companies, which represent a real job pool, both for locals and foreigners. Indeed, Heredia remains an attractive city due to its proximity with San Jose, the Costa Rican capital city, and with the Juan Santamaria International Airport. Finally, Heredia includes many free zones, namely BATCCA Park, Eurocenter, Global Park, Intel, Tribe, Ultra Park, Ultra Park 2, Ultralag, Zona Franca Metropolitana, and Zona Franca América.

Note that eco-tourism, like in other major cities, is also important in Heredia thanks to its natural landscape that consists of lush green forests, mountains and rivers.

Find a job

Even if you are not yet on the spot, consider sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the city. You can find a list of these on the Internet, especially in the city's virtual directory. Make sure to have updated your resume and cover letter according to local norms before sending it to potential employers. You can also view offers on general and specialized job websites, as well as on professional social networks.

Like in most Costa Rican cities, it may be quite difficult to find a job in Heredia. In fact, to be hired, you must have the qualifications and skills that are not available locally. Still, many expatriates before you have managed to land a job there. Note that a good knowledge of English, and Spanish if possible, will definitely be an asset.

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